Session 3 - Delaying action

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The players squad have spent the previous few weeks along with the rest of the army retreating from Ork attacks. The majority of the horde have turned on Babel which is currently burning, however, there are enough green skin barbarians to harass the Imperial forces and prevent then regrouping. The order has come for the rearguard to hold off the pursuing forces long enough for the main force to dig in. Below is a map of the area that your squad has been assigned to.

Points of interest: -

Jungle - This is thick enough to make it very difficult for vehicle's to traverse and infantry would be slowed.

Rivers - These are deep and wide enough to not be easily passable.

Forest - Will slow vehicles a bit but can be easily traversed by infantry.

Bunker - This as an imperial command post in previous battles, it has taken artillery fire but is still mostly intact although there are gaps in the wall, it has 3 levels (2 above ground one below) and firing slits but the weapons have been removed. It still contains a heavy vox transmitter.

Crashed native city - This is the remains of one of the native humans cities it appears to have been destroyed several years ago and is mostly rusting scrap.

The forces assigned to try and hold off the Orks are as following: -

1 company of Kreig (~200 troops) - 1 Heavy bolter per squad, 1 melta gun per 2 squads - Led by Captain 2186634

1 platoon of Chem dogs (~50 troops) - 1 bolter per squad, 1 multi laser per 2 squads - Led by Lieutenant Oberson Sabbat

1 squadron of Cadian (5 vehicles) - Sentinels - Led by Lieutenant Gidean Cornwell

1 battery of PDF (3 vehicles) - Basilisks - Led by Lieutenant Silus Goodwin

1 platoon of Shire (~20 troops) - Ratlings, long las and Chamelioline - Led by Lieutenant Pip Greenwise

1 platoon of PDF (~50 troops) - 2 missile launchers per squad - Led by Lieutenant Kenith Smyth

1 Squad of Ogron (5 troops) - Led by Gutripper

All of the troops are exhausted and in poor morale. They have at most half their normal ammo load, particularly the Sentential are very low on fuel and the Basilisks only have shells for about two barrages.

The players will have to organise, arrange and inspire these forces to hold off the Orks for as long as possible before their are forced to retreat or are overrun.

You will have the chance to try and make a requisition roll but it will be at a significant penalty due to the chaos of the past few weeks, these rolls may be used to order support such as artillery barrages, special equipment (mines, weapons for the bunker, stuff to fix the bunker) or further fuel/ammo.