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Section 13 is cross-agency task force (under the aegis of OIS Senior Agent Smith), comprising of members of the military, police, FSB and OIS. One of the worst-kept secrets of the OIS and FSB in Edinburgh, Section 13's offices are located in the depths of the Castle Rock, referred to by its denizens as The Basement. The secure computer network is often called The Hub.


Section 13's cross-agency ties means that Soldiers and Arcane Scholars often rub shoulders on the same team, and each team is ultimately responsible to Agent Smith. Each team usually consists of 3-6 staff, usually from a variety of walks of life. They have basic forensic and field kit provided, along with a Saracen transport vehicle that is linked to the Section 13 central hub. While team members are permitted to carry arms, usually the CS-44 Enforcer, they are still accountable for their actions. Detailed debriefs, DNA-scans, and psychological evaluations are the norm after any mission or the conclusion of an investigation.

The primary duties of Section 13 are:

  • Identify activity of occult or possible metaterrestrial nature.
  • Protect the people of Edinburgh from occult and metaterrastial activity.
  • Provide local expertise and consultation to the OIS, GIA, FSB, and NEG on matters of occult policy within Edinburgh.

There are currently 45 Field Agents in Section 13, not including techs or other support staff.

Standard Equipment

S13 members are expected to carry their ID and CS-44 pistol at all times. Although not as well-equipped as the military or other agencies, they do have a range of equipment and resources that they can draw upon as part of the NEG.

The Saracens are equipped with armour plating, a winch and cable, directional searchlights, on-board loudspeaker and on-board computer linked wirelessly to the Section 13 Hub. There are two variants used by Section 13: one is a two-person variant for transporting material or prisoners, with the rear area converted into a holding area; the other is a six-person transport designed for field use. Their Saracen vehicles have a standard load-out consisting of:

  • 4 M6 Shotguns
  • 10 boxes M6 ammo (shot)
  • 6 pairs night vision goggles
  • Medkit
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • 10 Wireless communication earpieces
  • 6 snap batons
  • 10 clips CS-44 ammo
  • Secure wireless link to the Hub
  • 6 Sentrytech MkIV armoured vests
  • 200ft high-tensile rope
  • Basic forensic kits - torches, diagnostic software for PCPU (peek).

Links with other agencies

As expected, Section 13 works with many of the other intelligence agencies in Edinburgh and beyond, although most of their work is unique to Edinburgh alone. Much of their research and laboratory work is farmed out to the other agencies, often with those agencies taking the credit for any findings.

They are largely unnoticed within the NEG as a whole, although both the GIA and FSB have sometimes expressed an interest in absorbing Section 13 into their structure. Section 13 is often referred to as "newbies" with some contempt by these agencies who see them as a local irritant. Despite this, Agent Smith has a great deal of political pull with the NEG. He can call in markers in the government and NEG Military - including the Rosyth Naval base - should he need to.

Current Section 13 staff

  • Johansen Bartlette, Arcanotechnician (David)
  • Jamie Sargosa, "Onyx", Soldier (Roderick)
  • OJ Simpson, "Nordburg", Athlete (Rob)
  • Drebben, Reformed Criminal (Fraser)
  • Brad Greer, Soldier (Phil)
  • Aya Brea, Cop & Para-psychic (John)

Previous Section 13 Staff