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Magical Beast

Hit Dice: 14d10+70 (147 hp)

Initiative: +2

Speed: 50 ft.

AC: 23 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +12 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 21

Attacks: 2 claws +18 melee and bite +13 melee

Damage: Claw 1d6+5 plus 1d6 acid, bite 2d6+2 plus poison

Face/Reach: 10 ft. /5 ft.

Special Attacks: Acid, armour damage, fear aura, poison

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60-ft., low-light vision, scent

Saves: Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +6

Abilities: Str 20, Dex 15, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 10

Skills: Spot +19

Feats: Awesome Blow, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack

Climate/Terrain: Temperate and warm deserts, plains, and hills

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: 12

Treasure: None

Alignment: Always chaotic evil

Advancement: 15-25 HD (Large); 26-35 HD (Huge)

Level Adjustment: -

Rampagers (sometimes called "so-ut," their goblin name) are vicious, nocturnal predators that live only to destroy and kill. Oddly, their armour, weaponry, and aggressiveness go far beyond the levels necessary to bring down food. In fact, rampagers enjoy killing, and they usually kill far more than they can eat. In fact, as long as prey is available, a rampager doesn’t even stop killing long enough to feed.

A rampager stands taller than a man (8 to 10 feet high). Its body, a solid knot of muscle, is covered with an extremely tough, scaly hide. The monster has no head as such; its face juts out from the forward edge of its body. Two bone-white eyes peer out from the scaly mass above the gaping, fang-filled mouth. From behind the face jut two muscular arms, each of which ends in two long, hooked claws. The four thick, stump-like legs are similar to those of an elephant, and a triangular, muscular tail drags behind the monster. A rampager has very poor hearing, but its scent ability makes up for that lack.


Something about metal drives a rampager mad. It attacks creatures wearing metal armour before anyone or anything else. Once all such targets are dead, it turns its attention to those wielding metal weapons. After all the metal nearby is demolished, the rampager starts on the largest structures in the area, ignoring even creatures that are attacking it in favour of demolishing a building (though it does defend itself once it has lost more than half of its original hit points). Only after all nearby built-up structures have been levelled does it finally turn against unarmoured heroes or townspeople.

Acid (Ex): The acid that coats a rampager’s claws not only deals extra damage on successful attacks, it also dissolves an opponent’s armour and clothing, making those items useless immediately unless they succeed at Reflex saves (DC 22). The DC is Constitution based.

Armour Damage (Ex): If a rampager hits with its bite attack, it tears at any armour worn by its foe, dealing 4d6+4 points of damage to the opponent’s armour. Creatures not wearing armour are unaffected by this special attack. Armour reduced to 0 hit points is destroyed. Damaged armour may be repaired with a successful Craft (armorsmithing) check.

Fear Aura (Ex): Each creature that is the target of a rampager’s attack or is within 30 feet of such a target must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC 17) or become shaken. A shaken creature that is still within 30 feet of the rampager on its next turn must make a second Will saving throw (DC 17) to avoid becoming frightened (same penalties as shaken; must flee until beyond the 30-foot radius of the effect).

Poison (Ex): A rampager’s acidic saliva acts as a weak poison (Fortitude DC 22) with each successful bite attack. The initial damage is 1 point of Strength damage, and the secondary damage is 1d4 points of Strength damage.