Passage from the untitled teachings of Lachlan Durie

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Excerpt from occult text “The Untitled Teachings of Lachlan Durie

It has come from the inner reaches of the centre of the universe, flung deep across space on its unnatural voyage straight from the bosom of the mighty Daemon Sultan Azathoth himself. Many times this great body has passed over our home but invisible it goes undetected. Great disaster and catastrophe precede its coming and follows in its wake. Many a sorcerer or astrologer has foretold its coming by the signs of the outriders of this ancient star. The passing of the age of the serpent men, the extinction of the terrible lizards and the fall of mighty Atlantis are but a few of the disasters attributed to this unspeakable being. Great Eibon himself perhaps learned his wonders from the remnants of these destroyed peoples, yet even he knew but a tenth of what they had learned. And they did learn the secrets of He who passes in the Darkness.