Meanwhile in Tristans Head

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Tristen was unconscious for most of the flight in the gun cutter, she just about remembered being brought out on a stretcher. When she came to some unknown time later, most of her wounds had been healed but seemed to be on some sort of life support system which seemed to incorporate some type of alien plant. She blacked out again and when she came to she was strapped naked to a table with several Adeptus Mechanicus priests around their leader, Copper who had a mechanical face but human eyes explained that he had discovered a use for a particular rare xeno plant he had found. To Tristen's astonishment the plant opened up and produced an exact copy of herself: the copy was then strapped to a table like the original Tristan. Captain Soloman entered and explained that after Tristen had humiliated his admiral the old man had committed suicide, for that he felt that a single death was to lenient for her, but it would be a start. Using a power sword he started to dissect Tristen one joint at a time by the time she finally passed out she had lost both legs and only half of her right arm remained.

When Tristen came to, she found yourself unharmed, looking to her left she saw her original body completely dissected. Copper explained that the plant created perfect duplicate which upon the death of the original allow the transfer of the conciousness to the new body, meaning they can torture and kill their subject as many times as they want without her ever actually dying.

For the next two years Tristen discovered how true this was as she was dissected, burnt, shot, stabbed, crippled, drowned and starved. Somehow she managed to remain sane through this. Tristen made several escape attempts but all of them failed - usually it is revealed that her attempt was in fact allowed by her captors to raise her spirits just to crush them again.

The party armed and armoured themselves before exiting the other side of the airlock. They found themselves in a further laboratory area. In the center lay Tristan strapped to a table and badly mutilated, over him stood Captain Javer and around the walls stood to squads of storm troopers. Javer stood cleaning off a scalpel and once again offered the party a great reward if they left their captain, otherwise his guards would kill them all.

Disco offered to fight the captain for Tristen's freedom. Anouncing himself to be an expect duellist Captain Soloman accepted, Disco announced Kane as his champion. The captain agreed to the fight with power swords. Kane knowing that his armour would give him some protection against some weapons agreed and started to work himself up into a battle frenzy. The captain struck quickly badly injuring Kane before he could strike back. Kane attacked in return but the captain mostly avoided his more clumsy strikes. A second blow from the captain forced Kane to the ground and left he badly bleeding. Attempting to take the Captain with him, Kane turned his flamer on himself igniting the fuel he was carrying. The explosion threw the captain back but he was protected by his field armour.

The explosion however damaged the door locking system allowing the trapped demon access to the chamber. Its mere presence incapacitated several of the guards and the creature leapt towards Disco, recognising him as its 'Father'. Disco barely managed to avoid the creatures grasp. Kaltos calmly took aim at the creature and fired his hell pistol destroying the creature in a mass of flaming pieces with a single shot. The captain thanked Kaltos for removing the threat and offered him a warrant of trade if he agreed to leave without Tristen: weighing up his options, Kaltos agreed and left with the Captain causing Tristen to denounce him as a traitor.

Disco remained in the chamber and decided to try and free the Captain. He freely opened himself up to the warp allowing its vibration to incapacitate most of the guards; before he dispatched the last one, he was badly injured. Helping Tristen up, the two of them staggered into the garden area. However, that area was sealed off and flame nozzles appeared from the ceiling. Disco fired at one of the nozzles exploding it and starting a chain reaction which tore up the ceiling. Unfortunately this opened the chamber to the void outside and and pushed both Tristen and Disco into space where they quickly expired.

Tristen awoke to a new body with Copper standing over her with a chain blade welcoming her back, her torture would continue for a further 10 subjective years....