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Welcome to the ORC Wiki

This is the ORC wiki for ORC members, whether they are players or GMs. It is designed to be of use to all members of ORC and elsewhere. While the wiki itself can be Googled and viewed by the rest of the web, only registered ORC Members can edit the pages (and only administrators, like Bill, can modify this page or other "protected" pages). If you're not an ORC member already, visit the ORC website and register.

"New to ORC?" details what you can do to participate as a player or GM. Many of our members have never tried RPGs before they came to ORC Edinburgh!

  • GMs can share their setting information such as background notes, maps, common knowledge, fiction, etc.
  • Players can also use it to store their favourite characters, fictional exploits (no IC chat though, please), backgrounds etc.
  • The site can also be used for other RPG or game-related projects.
  • There's also links to a series of articles that ORC members have written for new GMs, or those preparing for a game.

If you'd like a section for your own campaign, see How to request a namespace on the Wiki. Before using the wiki please make sure you read How to use the ORC Wiki. Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on how to use the wiki software (this will redirect your browser to a site outside ORC though). If you'd like to run a game at ORC, there's some guidelines here: Running a game at ORC

RPG Campaigns

Campaigns that are run by ORC members (on Saturday afternoons or otherwise).

Black Crusade

The WH40k RPG where PCs are some of the forces of Chaos.

Call of Cthulhu


Games set in Wildfire's Cthulhutech universe.


Games using the popular Dungeons and Dragons game system.

  • Against the Odds. Bills campaign setting for D&D set in the Ashes of Freedom world.
  • Ashes_of_Freedom. Bill's home-brew game set in Volkrania.
  • Ashes of Freedom: Rebirth. Bills's redoing of classic AD&D adventures.
  • The New World setting created by Bill and others (the ORC Shared Campaign), and can be used by anyone. The New World is a high fantasy Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 setting, reminiscent of the time of the Conquistadors discovering the Americas. It's a jungle world of lost ruins, dinosaurs, strange civilisations (LizardFolk), and lurking evil. Originally designed to be part of a shared campaign, the New World setting was the work of various GMs: Benn Beaton, Bill Heron, Fraser Ramsay, Robert Stewart, Nick Layden, Alasdair Macleod, David Wright, and Chris Furness.
  • Scales of War. Ernest's (Radonir's) 4e campaign.
  • Shapes Of Grey. Nuno's D&D 3.G campaign setting.
  • Fledgling Empires. Adam's D&D game based on and old campaign.
  • War of the Burning Sky. Jill's D&D game.
  • Tyranny of Dragons

Dark Heresy

Games set in the Dark Heresy setting of the Warhammer 40000 (wh40k) universe.

DC Heroes

  • DC Heroes - Adam's DC Heroes game set in an alternate future during an alien invasion.


The Warhammer 40,000 (wh40k) RPG revolving around the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) in the grim war-torn 41st Millennium.

Marvel Super Heroes RPG

RPGs set in the Marvel comic book universe

Only War

The new wh40k RPG of brotherhood and honour within the Imperial Guard of the wh40k Universe.

Other Games

Games created by ORC members that use their own rule system.

  • Adam's Games - Adam's other games that use his own rule system.
  • Pantheon - Playtest information for Ross Pearson's (Rossatdi) game.
  • After London - Ross (Rossatdi) Pearson's post-apocalyptic game using his own system.


Games using Paizo's Pathfinder system based on the OGL.


An Arthurian role-playing game where you play Knights completing quests and meeting people like Merlin, Uther, and eventually Arthur and the knights of the Round Table.

Rogue Trader

Savage Worlds


The Scion RPG from White Wolf.



White Wolf's Vampire RPG (both old and new) and World of Darkness.

  • Vampire Summer - Ross (Xarlaxas) MacKenzie's Original World of Darkness game.

Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay (WFRP)

Games set in the Warhammer World of Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games.

The ORC Website


Articles created by ORC members that may be of use to starting GMs.

The Orc Wiki

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