Lakk Danar

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Lakk was born to a mid-hive family on the busy hive planet of Driscar. It didn't take too long for him to get involved in a local criminal enterprise, and he spent most of his childhood working as a spotter during jobs, looking out for local enforcers who might interfere with operations. He found his true calling in his teens - he was a natural pilot, and once he started flying craft for the gang, he soon found himself the go-to get away driver for all of their important jobs. He bit off more than he could chew when he double crossed the gang leader, trying to sell him out to a local rival. The rival betrayed Lakk, repaying his service by selling him into slavery.

Even when enslaved, Lakk's talent earned him better work than he could have had. On a mining colony, he worked his way up from flying shuttles, to bulk transports and in-system freighters. Lakk only gained his freedom when the colony figured in an Inquisitorial investigation. Lakk never found out what his bosses had been involved in, but in the chaos he managed to take down his pit boss, taking his Hand Cannon and Monosword as momentos. Not knowing what to do with his freedom, he enlisted in the Imperial Navy, where his skills saw him transferred to piloting Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

He happened to be piloting a unit including a young Sicarius when the unit was disbanded under circumstances left unexplained to the rest of the unit, and joined the crew of the Tranquility along with some others from the unit.


Lakk is a well worn man in his mid thirties, with his head usually close shaven and a few day's stubble normally on his chin. A practical man more than anything, he would always choose a flight suit or overalls instead of fancier clothing, and sticks to his tried and trusted flak armour when in dangerous situations. He places his trust in simple weapons - an old habit from his Hive Gang days - and given the choice will take a well made autogun or stubber over something flash.