Kel Ambar

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The Mines of Kel Ambar are one of Archaemia's largest iron mines. Garrisoned by some of the country's most elite soldiers, it also functions as prison camp for political undesirables and those the Hyparch would rather forget about.

The mines themselves consist of five levels, accessed via a hoist. Each level has a quota to meet: failure to adhere to this quota means food is withheld until the quota is met. Within the mines factions often form and reform, creating an internal power structure that can be as dangerous as the guards themselves. The mines are situated in a valley in the hills, where a nearby river provides a water source. The mines are situated in a depression, and wardstones picket the valley.

The prisoners are treated well, but life in the mines is hard. The prisoners are fed, but the food is a simple gruel - although it is nutritious enough, it rarely fills the belly. The prisoners are kept alive, but the food is not enough to rebel on! Every Godsday, the prisoners are given meat: however, this is reserved for those that attend the worship of Bane on this day. The prisoners are also given the opportunity to exercise outside in the open air, and bathe in the river if need be.

The warden of the mines, Valont, is a devout worshipper of Bane: he does not suffer fools gladly. He regularly turns his pets out to hunt: the Drakh'zgar often go hungry, but they are deterrent enough.

The Surface of the Mines


Level 4 of the Mines