Investigating Dust

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The last imperial outpost before the lawless areas around the abyss is the planet of Dust. This is a dying world orbiting a dying sun. Most of the planet is covered in deserts of a dull grey dust with the meagre human population living in a few domed cities. In dock above the world were two other ships a badly damaged large trading vessel and a smaller cargo ship.

The Orpheus docked and started to take on supplies while the crew were given shore leave. The Missionary and Void master went to the small imperial shrine on the planet and talked with the priest there who informed them of a strange cult which had settled into the old cathedral next door.

Kaltos visited the Adeptus Mechanicus presence on Dust and after preventing a small accident he was offered the job of delivering supplies to a number of Mechanicus outputs nearer the abyss. The damaged ship in orbit the Sins of the Father used to provide this service but could not due to its damage. Kaltos managed to negotiate a good deal for these services.

Tristan and Victrix went to the best drinking establishment they could find, the Drunken Grox. There Tristan decided to take part in a local ritual: an attempt to drink 2 gallons of strong alcohol flavoured with Grox Urine. Her almost-unnatural constitution almost managed this feat but it turned out to be to much and she collapsed with only a small amount remaining to drink. She was taken to the ship for medical aid by Seigmund.

The missionary befriended a squat in the bar. The squat, Grimm, asked for passage to his now destroyed home world in exchange for the technology found on that world. Grimm knew the rough position of his world but charts would be needed to locate it precisely.

Meanwhile Victrix ambushed a number of the crew from the sins of the father and found that their ship had been attacked by pirates and that the Rogue Trader commanding the ship was either dead or seriously injured.

The missionary and Seigmund visited the cult and found them cutting the tongue out of one of their members in the crypts under the cathedral. The cult introduced themselves as the Despised, they have all sinned against the Emperor and feel the only way to make amends is to cut the evil out, literally. Most of them are maimed in some way. The cult also feels that they should travel the stars to spread humanity throughout the universe. They have a good collection of maps and offered them to the crew as long as they took a number of the cult along with them.

The crew eventually decided to take up the Mechanicus' offer and the ship was loaded up with supplies for the journey. They also decided to take Grimm and the Despised with them and try and locate Grimm's home later.