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| Hahaha, it won't be that easy
| Hahaha, it won't be that easy

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Welcome to our Wiki Page!

The Story So Far

Be it fate or fortune the paths of what will one day be the InD&Deed party crossed on the caravan headed from Neverwinter to Phalaphel. They all had their reasons to get there but were acting as hired guards in the meanwhile. Alas, the leaders of the expedition were ambushed by goblins and taken. The strangers teamed up, repelled the ambush, tracked down the goblins and rescued Silvan Hallwinter after brutal combat with the goblinoids. Many a broken limb kind of thing. They made their way to the town of Phalaphel where they decided to accompany Silvan to meet with the Mayor the next morning. The party then ventured forth to find a source of healing, encountering a young elf cleric and after revealing to her that one of their members was a member of a holy order she shared her suspicions that the previous religious powers in this city had been driven out. After sharing some healing supplies with them she asked them to retrieve a magical item from a wraith that resided outside the city. She gave them a silver comb and advised them that the wraith was particularly vain. After doing some shopping and snooping in which they learned that the so called “Redbrand” group was terrorising the city they had a chance encounter with a group of thugs belonging to that very organisation. Before dispatching the last they interrogated him and learned about the Redbrands headquarters and the multiple Redbrands, bugbears, undead, powerful wizard and horrible eye monster that resided there. They decided, considering the dangerous circumstances they were currently in, that sticking together was a good idea.


  • Go with Silvan and speak to the Mayor.
  • Rid the the town of the Redbrand Menace.
  • Deal with the wraith call Agatha and aquire it's magical stone.

Personal Quests

  • Sir Mortus - Restore the Temple
  • Ro - Locate Master Tadek
  • Edward - Test & refine inventions
  • Duncan - Survive
  • Lorien - Find the Spellforge

Completed Quests

  • Rescue Silvan Hallwinter


  • Steve ---> Sir Mortus Zarfilius, Half-drow Paladin of Death
  • James ---> Ro, Elven Shadow Monk
  • Murray ---> Edward Andram Flintwick, Human Noble Artificer
  • Darren ---> Duncan Fellcaster, Human Shadow Sorcerer
  • Mara ---> Lorien Moonshadow, Tabaxi Cleric/Rogue

Hahaha, it won't be that easy

What Books are we using?

The following comprise the books we will be using during this campain. However if there is something outside of this that you'd like to use please send it over to me and we can go over it together.


  • Lost Mine of Phandelver
  • Curse of Strahd


  • Players Handbook
  • Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  • Xanathar's Guide To Everything
  • Elemental Evil


  • Monster Manual
  • Volos Guide To Monsters

Character Creation

For character creation we are using the following material:

  1. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  2. Xanathar's Guide To Everything
  3. Elemental Evil
  4. Volos Guide To Monsters
  5. Ranger Revised

For sake of balance and sanity try and restrict your character to the core rules found in the players handbook and one of the above. Anything outside of here (such as UA material other than the Ranger) let me know and we can go over it together and see how to best incorporate it. Same goes for creations using more books than the phb+1 limit.

New to D&D?

Heres a couple articles that may help you learn the rules.