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<metadesc>Bills eBranch games based on Brian Lumley's Wamphyri and the Necroscope series.</metadesc> Bill occasionally runs games based upon Brian Lumley's Necroscope series.

The Wampyhri are vampires of the worst kind, they are hideously evil and nowhere near as angst-ridden as their Anne Rice counterparts...

These creatures pop up (or slither up!) in various forms throughout his Necroscope series, and the perfect nemesis for a group in a modern setting, especially espionage games. Given the pathogenic nature of Wamphyri vampirism, they also provide an alternative to zombie-style RPGs, in the vein (so to speak) of Resident Evil. They also have potent Psychic powers.

As well as the Wamphyri, the books describe the most secret organisation of the UK Security Services: Ebranch. As well as being the first line of psychic defence for the UK, they are also the foremost adversaries of the Wamphyri and are adept vampire-hunters.

The game uses the Call of Cthulhu RPG rules as Lumley's work also features the Cthulhu Mythos.

Previous Games

  • Lost in America
  • Shooting the Past
  • Hunters Moon
  • Synchronicity 2
  • Blood-dimmed Tide



  • Required reading - a dossier-style handout for eBranch PCs, based on the following text from Invaders:

“It had a yellow plastic jacket with a red diagonal stripe stamped with the word COSMIC. A once-white, well-thumbed label gummed in the top right-hand corner bore a scrawled legend in india ink: VAMPIRES AND THE WAMPHYRI — BASIC.”

© Brian Lumley, Invaders.