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Donalds, or Andrew Peter Donalds, to use his full name was born in 2031, in the Granton area before it became an arcology. He joined the Police soon after graduating from Heriot-Watt University with a degree in Nanotech Processing. Whilst assigned to the cybercrimes division, he became aware of cult activity that would later lead to the Beltane incident. He was made a Detective in 2057, and participated in the Handyman Taskforce until it was wound down. During the Arcanotech Wars, Donalds was a committed member of the Military reserves, although he never saw action.

Donalds is very much dresser of function rather than style. He usually wears comfortable clothing that leaves him looking somewhat nondescript, and is relatively plain in appearance. His dark brown hair is now liberally streaked with grey, but his eyes are good and he misses very little. He occasionally smokes, but only when he is working

He has experienced a great deal of what the [OIS] would call Significant Exposure: he's well aware that monsters exist and he's not stupid. He was approached by the OIS on a few occasions in his younger days, but his youth is behind him and rule him out as a field agent. It's been many years since they tried to recruit him.

Donalds hides a keen intellect under what appears to be a someone who is a stickler for by-the-book police procedure. He thinks very carefully about what to do and usually makes plans in advance. He's one of the oldest detectives in the Division,a dn certainly well-respected (if not well-liked) by his peers.