Dave Carmichael

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Dave Carmichael was a very good thief who had the misfortune of falling foul of the Chrysalis Corporation, when he stole Poseidon's Tear from the National Museum of Scotland. Carmichael chose to sell it to the highest bidder, Eric Matheson, using his associate, a fence named Colin Thomson.

Unfortunately for all three men, their activities have not gone unnoticed and the Chrysalis Corporation recognise the Tear from entries in their occult databases. An old acquaintance of Donalds, Retsonvoort (a Zabuth Dhohanoid, see Corporate Ties), is put in charge of the team with a view to acquiring the Tear. Carmichael is snatched one night and is brutally and surgically tortured until he tells all and give up his accomplices. His body is supposed to have been disposed of, but the Chrysalis clean-up crew are sloppy (Under a heavy rain), and fail to conceal the body.