Blue Mandragora

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Blue Mandragora - the ones who watch us.

The Blue Mandragora form the bulk of the law enforcement agencies in Lonaraban. They have blue or azure scales, with the fastest reactions and sharpest eyesight of all the Mandragora. The Blues possess wings but use them rarely, and they keep themselves in excellent condition. Although not powerfully built physically, they are extremely wiry and immensely strong, being more than a match for a Red Mandragora in combat or endurance. They reside almost exclusively in the cities and towns throughout Lonaraban, and are rarely found in the rural areas, unless they are in pursuit of a criminal.

Blue Mandragora are known for their tenacity. They rarely give up the chase, and, if one of their own has been injured or killed, then they are capable of being more ruthless than the Red Mandragora. For this reason, the Reds maintain a healthy respect for the Blue Mandragora, while the Blues regard the Red Mandragora with intense dislike, seeing them as barbaric troublemakers. They wear the grey tabards of the PeaceForcers, whilst Shirr’haim Guards wear white. Ranks are designated by the wearing of a coloured band on the right arm (known as a h’iath) that has a SigilGem embedded within it (SigilGems are explained later). The Blue Mandragora wear scale armour that leaves their arms bare, and carry whatever weapons they wish: t’abri’cha (a weapon similar to a nunchaku) and kalacs (swords) being the most popular. House Protector, the Noble house dedicated to the protection of the state, has the largest complement of Blues in its ranks.

Nearly all the Blues are part of the PeaceForcer units scattered throughout Lonaraban (details about the PeaceForcers can be found later), although many aspire to the ranks of the Shirr’haim guard. They are territorial and rivalries between PeaceForcer units run deep, but they are unswervingly loyal to members of their own units, and all rivalries are put aside when faced by a greater threat. “Respect the territory of another” is a maxim that the Blue Mandragora hold in high regard - the territoriality of the Blue Dragons emerging as a strong character trait (some would say defect) in their smaller kindred. Overstepping ones’ bounds or encroaching upon another unit’s jurisdiction are enough to antagonise the normally patient Blues into violence against their own kind.