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The PC races permitted in Ashes of Freedom are detailed below .


One of the more unfortunate outcomes of the Orcgate War, the offspring of human and Orc are treated as second-class citizens by both species. In human society they are tolerated in most cases, but are usually slain outright by their Orc kin.

In the Norlander tribes, Half-Orcs have equal status to the other members of the tribe and are treated as such.


The Humans of Volkrania are a robust bunch, possessing a strong pragmatic attitude and a great deal of resilience, the Norlander barabarian tribes and Easterlings likewise. All have seen times of war and strife, and are aware that their life is one of daily struggle.

  • Norlanders tend to be very stocky and tall, with ruddy skin. They usually wear their hair long and braid both their beard and locks. They trade rarely with Volkranian cities, as the passage across the Dagger Straits is only periodically frozen enough to make the dangerous passage, but a number of them have settled in Volkrania. They are polite, softly spoken and have a number of traditions and customs that Volkranians find confusing. Better to hold back the sea than insult a Norlander describes the fact that Norlanders are easily offended, with a strong sense of personal, and tribal, honour.
  • Easterlings are small, swarthy, and stocky, and were once nomadic tribesmen roaming the Wildlands before the Orc hordes came. They usually have dark hair and eyes. Only a few follow the old ways herding cattle and horses near Taldan, but they make a fierce light cavalry in the city's army. They are a fun-loving boisterous people, quick to laugh and joke yet implacable in battle.
  • Volkranians tend to exhibit a mix of both races, with mix of hair and eye colours. They are a hardy bunch, with a tendency toward pragmatism, with a strong stubborn streak, but are fairly tolerant of most other races. They get on well with Halflings and Dwarves. Half-elves and half-orcs are viewed with a mixture of suspicion and sympathy.
  • Humans gain two extra feats at 1st level, i.e. Human PCs have three feats at 1st level.


Since the Night of Betrayal, Dwarves have been Humanity's staunchest allies. As well fighting side by side against the Orcish invaders in the Orcgate War, they also proved their worth in halting the Mandragora advance during the Purge of Fire invasion.

Most can be found in the Dwarven citadel of Koshrak's View, but they can be found wherever Humans can be found as well as within the mountains.

Dwarves are fond of tales of the old days back in the Eastlands before the Orc horde overwhelmed many of the Dwarven keeps. Some of the older veterans happily tell tales of those old days, although there are no Dwarves alive to have seen these old keeps. Many Dwarven leaders talk of reclaiming their birthright, but their numbers are too few.


Half-Elves are extremely rare in Volkrania. Many left with the Elves during the Night of Betrayal. They are almost universally distrusted, especially in the cities. Most go out of their way to hide their heritage and choose to be Rangers and other outsiders.

Those half-elves who chose to stay outside of Elven society are the only Half-elves remaining in Erilya. The others, whether they wander the wilderness or dwell in the cities, are often loners and value their independence.


Volkrania has a relatively small population of Halflings. Most dwell in Shimmerbridge, but they can be found across the land mainly in the larger population centres.

The Mandragora

Information on the Mandragora and rules for creating a Mandragora PC can be found in The Mandragora section of the wiki.

There are a few Mandragora in Volkrania: most are loyal to the Empress and endure an uneasy peace with humanity, but forces of The Remnant still cause huge problems for Volkrania.