Ashes of Freedom: Rebirth

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Ashes of Freedom: Rebirth is a 2nd Edition AD&D campaign that sees Volkrania 60 years after the Purge of Fire, a sequel to my popular Ashes of Freedom campaigns. The original campaign was created for AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) 2nd edition, so I've returned there, and will hopefully open up new lands (or even old lands) for the PCs to explore, with some classic adventures. The first is the Temple of Elemental Evil.


AD&D uses the core rulebooks - Players Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Masters Guide (DMG), Tome of Magic (ToM) and the various Monstrous Compendiums. I plan to manage the PCs using the core rules CD-ROM.

Recent History

The fall of Danil Eggar's plans and thwarting of Demogorgon's invasion of the the Prime Material Plane caused caused significant upheaval beyond Volkrania itself, possibly even to the fabric of time and space. The Sacrifice of Pyrrhus meant that a terrible artefact had been activated, but its presence has yet to be felt. The Elven Gods reopened the Ways to their people, although the Elves that returned in The Homecoming are apparently colder and far less willing to co-exist with humanity and the other races. Beginning with The Temple of Elemental Evil.

House Rules

New Deity: Trithereon

New Deity: Sharindlar