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The noble Anastasia family have had a Rogue trader as part of their line for over 200 years now operating the ship the Orpheus. The previous trader was a rather unambitious man who was happy to cover only a few trade routes and was eventually killed in a feud with another family. He was then replaced by his daughter Tristan a young woman who had until that point spent all of her life on the family estate on the paradise world of Askelphion Secundus. One of her first orders was to organize a grand ball to meet the various nobles and VIPs of the sector. During this ball there was an incident which lead to the lord admiral of the sector being publicly humiliated and the crew fleeing as fast as they can (the Askelphion Secundus Incident). Tristan originally planned to settle down in a neighbouring sector by the Admiral was a very powerful man and the entire quadrant was poisoned to them over the next 2 years they were made to run further and further from home until finally they reached the Abyss.