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From the WFRP rulebook and Enemy Within Campaign book.

Where the rivers Reik and Talabec join, the combined waters flow into extensive mudflats, and divide into three lesser waterways. The resulting islands form the foundations for the city of Altdorf- capital of The Empire, site of The Imperial Palace and home to the magnificent cathedral to Sigmar. It is a city of many bridges, which hop from island to island. At the point where the river channels reunite (on the north side of Altdorf), there stands a large harbour - for the Reik is deep and wide enough here to accommodate ocean-going vessels.

The city's tall, white walls topped with red tile roofs are a majestic sight - and provide a formidable defence for the city. In view of recent events in Kislev, Emperor Karl Franz has recently ordered that the defences be strengthened, and nowadays the walls are covered with scenes of bustling activity as Dwarven engineers labour to enhance the already extensive fortifications. The city is renowned for its universities, wizards, libraries and other aspects of learning. Here, the most promising students in the Old World labour under the wisest tutors, while ancient wizards toil over magical works which were commenced before their own lives began, and which will go on beyond their deaths. Here too come many clerics, and other pilgrims, seeking blessings in the towering cathedral where the Grand Theogonist holds court. It is a wonderful building, replete with numerous ornately-carved spires, flying buttresses, and gilded cupolas.

The city is also a bustling trading port with rich markets, thronged with traders from all over the Old World. There is a constant coming and going of Imperial messengers, ambassadors from far-flung provinces, and even the occasional deputation from distant Araby.

Most travellers arrive in Altdorf by boat, but there is one major roadway which bisects the city. This leads north-east to Middenheim, and south-west to the mountain fortress of Helmgart, which guards the Axebite Pass over the Grey Mountains, and is ever watchful for raids from that range's humanoid population.

Places of Note

  • Konigplatz
  • Emperor's Palace
  • Sigmar's Temple
  • Low Class Area
  • Merchantile Area
  • Docks
  • University of Altdorf