Wonder Woman

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Name: Diana

Alias: Wonder Woman, Diana Prince

Powers: Flight, Super strength, Toughness

Background: Wonder Woman was originally assumed to have been killed in the destruction of Coast city along with many of the worlds heroes. However, she survived and took part in the rebellion against the Alien's lead by Lex Luthor. She was tasked with holding off the Alien reinforcements while Lex attempted to assassinate the Alien leadership. He failed and eventually she was overwhelmed and killed. However, so many fell before her that she was accepted by the Khunds as an avatar of one of their deities, the Demon Mother, and her body was laid to rest in one of their temples. Her body was eventually discovered by the new Wonder Woman and she fought a duel with one of the priests for the right to remove the body and its accoutrements. The new Wonder Woman won and the original's body was buried in a cemetery near Gotham.