When you're Dead

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When your character dies, his spirits lingers in Shadow, as is generally the case for victims of violent or painful deaths. If his body is not cleansed by a Prophet, his dead spirit awakes in Shadow, and, if strong enough, can linger on, roaming the Shadow World and may cross over to the World again.

A couple of days after dying, a dead spirit hangs on in the Shadow world and becomes aware again. The Shadow world is a cold, inhospitable place, where things far worse than ghosts linger. It is home to spirits that no one has sent to their destinations, frustrated and obsessed about their deaths (and the responsibles ones for it, if it’s the case). It’s a very old place where the deepest despair reigns supreme and souls that were once innocent and optimistic have fallen into dark desires and depravities.

A ghost appears as he was when he died, and depending on the manner of death, the appearance of some ghosts can be truly gruesome and horrifying.

Death causes a deep psychological scar in a mortal soul, and ghosts are not able to heal this trauma. Their state of mind at the time of death and the way they died weigh over their thoughts like an anvil, and a ghost manifests a number of ‘quirks’ and obsessions, related to it. Additionally, the supernatural effects a ghost is capable of creating are also drawn from that same source.

Further rules about a character becoming a ghost will be released in the future (because no one really knows how ‘the other side’ is like, isn’t it? ;) )