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Victoria Hall-Kennedy

Young Classics Graduate, currently employed translating documents for the Cryptozoology Department.

Victoria Hall-Kennedy was born in 1902 in Hertfordshire. Her father is a midranked official in the India Office who has been stationed in India for most of his career. Victoria obtained a first in Classics at St Andrews in 1923. As a student, she became friends with several more senior students who were interested in spiritualism, premodern civilisation, and the supernatural. One of these friends, I need a name here, disappeared shortly after graduating in 1922. Other friends hinted that this disappearance involved the supernatural.

Victoria currently lives with her aunt's family in Stockbridge. Her uncle has retired from army and owns a delivery company. Also living in the house are three cousins, who are in their mid to late teens, and two maids.

Victoria currently works as a translator in the Cryptozoology Department of the University of Edinburgh. Her hobbies including hunting, riding, painting, and Latin poetry.