Vegas, baby!

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Somewhere in the transport, someone is crying - their weak sobs carrying through the dark silence as the truck thunders on through the... night? Day? You've no idea how long you've been imprisoned: the drugs have dulled your senses to the passage of time. The collar around your neck weighs far heavier than its size would suggest, not physically, but mentally as well. You've managed to sleep, exhaustion winning out over adrenaline, despite the coffin-like confines of your prison.

Aside from the wracking sobs, the only sounds you hear are the monitoring devices attached to each prison, and the occasional footstep as an armoured guard checks the security on each pod.

The next moment, all you see is a chaos of light, fire, whirling motion, and tearing metal.

The game is set in the dystopian future of Marvel's Nightmares of Futures Past storyline. The game is centred on Las Vegas, America's "Sin city".

The Mutant Anarchists Cookbook contains details of technology that the PCs can attempt to build or use.