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The Ultramarine Corps was an organisation put together by the League to act as a global peace-keeping force, they were allowed to act in League members territory only at the members invitation. They often acted as bodyguards for league officials and the leaders of various city states as well as disaster relief.

The majority of Ultramarine members are normal humans kitted out with Alien technology such as powered armour but at their core was a number of meta-humans, normally veterans of the anti alien resistance.

The Ultramarines had a secondary role of locating and teaching newly activated meta humans to control their powers and many of the larger city states have Ultramarine Academies for such teaching. Most graduates of the academies spend some time serving in the corps and may retain reserve membership.

During Brother Eye's attempt to take over the world the corps took heavy casualties as their were specifically targeted by OMACs. The organisation remained in place after Brother Eye was defeated but was phased out and eventually shut down after the return of the Daxamites and the introduction of Legion.

The training function of the Ultramarines currently remains in place.