Traveller SD2018

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House rules

Character creation


Background: Traveller, the Third Imperium, Banking, Spinward Little Rift, Proximus

Further questions about the setting:

This is not a totally alien sci-fi setting.

SLR_LMR: A map of the initial sector (Spinward Little Rift, Lagging, mid Rimward)

Little Rift MR: A map of the Little Rift (mid Rimward). It was pointed out that the the SLR_LMR map wiggles when the Little Rift map waggles, so there's about 5 hexes that fall between the border. Mea culpa. Let's ignore them.

The Party

The Party

Training times


Session 1

Session 2: plot

Session 2: finances

Session 3: plot

Session 3: finances

Session 4: plot

Session 4: finances

Session 5: plot

Session 5: finances

Session 6: plot

Session 6: finances

Session 7: plot

Session 7: finances

Session 8: plot

Session 8: finances

Session 9: plot

Session 9: finances

Session 10: plot

Session 10: finances

Session 11: plot

Session 11: finances

Session 12: plot

Session 12: finances

Session 13: plot

Session 13: finances

Session 14: plot

Further handouts

Mare Vitae Manifest

Mare Vitae Recordings