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8th November 1988

First alien activity recorded on Earth, a Khund raiding force attacks Denver driven off by local heroes

November - December 1988

Several small scale attacks are made by various alien races against the Earth, most of quickly driven off by Military forces and Supers.

19th January 1989

Mass alien attack on Coast city, local hero Green Lantern is driven off. Aliens quickly secure a beachhead and begin bringing in reinforcements and fortifying the area.

28th January 1989

Counter attack by large military force and majority of worlds supers begin on Coast City.

1st February 1989

Despite significant casualties most of Coast city is recaptured by Earth forces.

Aliens retaliate by complete destruction of Coast city area via orbital bombardment, near-total destruction of Earth forces in the area along with remaining Aliens on planet.

February - May 1989

Mass landings of Alien forces around the planet, resistance is minimal, any areas of strong resistance are destroyed from orbit.

20th May 1989

Death of Superman at the hand of multiple Daxamites. End of significant resistance on Earth.

June 1989 - October 1990

Aliens consolidate holdings on earth.

23rd October 1990

Lex Luthor appointed ruler of Earth on behalf of Aliens and tasked with providing resources for his masters. Alien population on earth decreases as majority of troops are taken away, garrison force and Scientific personnel remain.

1990 - 1995

Golden age of occupation

Life on earth continues as normal under the rule of Luthor, majority of population put to work aiding Aliens. Small scale experimentation on human subjects begin in secret. Civil disobedience minimal.

23rd October 1995

First rebellion

Lex Luthor organizes a meeting with Alien dignitaries to celebrate 5 years of occupation. Meeting is a trap and Luthor triggers a wide scale uprising, many supers thought to be dead reappear working for Luthor. Attempt by Luthor to kill Alien leader fails and Luthor is thrown from the 30th floor of his headquarters by Khund General.

October - November 1995

World-wide rebellion brutally put down by Alien forces including reinforcements.

1995 - 1997

Social structures on Earth re-engineered. Majority of Human population herded into major cities and put to work in slave blocks. Small communities outside of major cities left to starve. Centres of major cities converted to 'Alien Cities'. Large scale human experimentation starts.

July 1997

Plans made to convert Gotham City into an 'Alien City'

August 1997 - January 1998

Attempts to convert Gotham repeatedly Sabotaged by unknown parties. Heavy loss of Alien life and mortal.

12th February 1998

Decision made to make an example of Gotham city. City is levelled by orbital fire.

20th February 1998

Wall constructed around Gotham ruins, and ruins regularly swept by Alien Troops, on average 20% of troops which enter Gotham disappear.

1997 - 2007

Dark Days

Complete control of Earth by Alien Forces, human population is reduced to an estimated 20% of pre-invasion numbers. Wide spread experimentation on human subjects result in creation of super-powered clone troops.

'Slum' areas begin to form outside of slave blocks in cities containing escaped slaves and immigrant populations. Areas regularly swept by Alien troops but little overall control.

Resistance cells begin to form but little overall co-ordination.

1st Campaign

16th August 2007

A resistance cell comprised of supers operating out of Metropolis breaks into a Dominator run research institute. Within they discover the Heroes Genix and several clones taking the name of Wonder Woman held captive. The cell escapes with the captives.

28th August 2007

The resistance cell hears of an Alien convoy transporting an unknown object into Metropolis. The cell ambushes the Convoy and captures the object which turns out to be a 'black box' from the JLA satellite destroyed in the early days of the invasion. The super known as Gates informs the cell that the information can be read using equipment held in a bunker created by Lex Luthor before the invasion.

29th August 2007

Cell successfully breaks into bunker and disarms its defences, black box contains a method of locating a number of the JLA believed to be dead, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. The cell decides to attempt to find out what happened to these heroes. Bunker is used as home base by the cell despite repeated black outs.

5th September 2007

Cell travels to Gotham in order to locate Batman. Cell infiltrates past guards and investigates what remains of the city. Cell discovers remnant human population fighting against aliens lead by Batman. Batman turns out to be the villain known as the Joker who had replaced Batman when he had died during Gotham's destruction. Cell ask Joker's forces to join them but Joker refuses and orders them to work for him. There is a fight and the Joker is killed. The human population of Gotham riots chasing the heroes through the streets.

6th September 2007

Alien sentries notice activity in the city and an air strike is called in to quell human forces once and for all, city is raised to the ground. Cell survive and escape the city.

16th November 2007

Cell infiltrates Alien held part of Gotham in an attempt to locate Wonder Woman who's location is shown as being the center of the city. Her body is located in a Khund temple, where she is being worshipped as an avatar of the Khund Deity the 'Demon Mother'. The 'Wonder Woman' in the Cell challenged the Khund high priest to a duel for Wonder Woman's equipment, she wins and the team escape the city.

29th December 2007

Lex Luthor revealed to be alive in a Robot body within the bunker used as the teams base. Luthor has been rebuilding a resistance network across the planet and asks the team to join. Gates is revealed to be the son of Luthor and one of his Amazon bodyguards.

2nd January 2008

Team leave Metropolis for Coast city when Green Lantern is located.

27th January 2008

Team aid in the liberation of a slave mining operation.

10th February 2008

Team arrive at coast city and discover much of the city has been covered by tomb stones memorialising the dead. These stones appear to have been dug by a figure calling himself the gravedigger who feels responsible for the destruction of the city. The grave of Green Lantern is discovered, his ring and lantern are found in the grave but no body. Ring does not work for the heroes.

11th February 2008

Team discover a small settlement made by the survivors of Coast city and are welcomed. Member of the community report presence of heroes to alien authorities and a large craft is sent to capture or kill them. Leader of coast city survivors found to be an amnesiac Green Lantern who reclaims his powers and uses them to destroy Alien craft. Gravedigger proves to be General Frank Rock, the leader of the military forces which attempted to reclaim Coast city. Green Lantern remains with Coast City Survivors but gives heroes a method of contacting him. General Frank Rock returns to Metropolis with the heroes.

27th April 2008

Cell infiltrates a slave transport taking experimental subjects to an Alien orbital laboratory where superman is believed to be held. Laboratory successfully infiltrated and partially dissected body of Superman located. Facility also used as a hospital for Daximites stationed on Earth who were all showing signs if sickness. Secret records showed that other aliens were aware that sickness was caused by lead poisoning and already had a partial cure but that they were using to illness to keep Daxamites under control. This information was traded with the Daxamites in exchange for them using their powers to destroy the alien forces in orbit and preventing any reinforcements from reaching the surface. Orbital facility destroyed by Cell escapes.

28th April 2008

All Alien forces in Orbit destroyed by Daxamites, aliens on planet cut off from higher command. No further communication with Daxamites.

May-June 2008

Aliens attempt a crack down on security but increased organization of resistance and loss of orbital superiority makes this impossible. Slum areas are designated no go areas for Alien Troops and Slave blocks are locked down. Defences heightened in Alien cities globally.

June 30th 2008

Team infiltrates Alien section of Metropolis attempting to locate the Flash. Flash if found to be being used as a power source by the Aliens using a technological mind control. Mind control system shut down freeing the flash and a number of the human 'collaborators. Team escapes, wide spread black outs caused in Alien city shutting down many defences.

15th July 2008

Freedom day

Human forces world wide rise up in rebellion. Slave blocks are liberated and slaves armed. In Metropolis the alien sections of the city are quickly overrun and the fleeing alien leadership captured. As a last ditch attempt to hold off the humans the aliens launch their 'gene bomb' device which causes many Supers to lose control of their powers and many normal humans to gain powers. A task force is quickly formed to locate device and reverse its effects. Task force is successful but some effects prove to be permanent. 'Week of Fire' begins in Mexico city.

Between Campaigns

July - November 2008

Majority of alien held cities fall to human hands.

10th November 2008

First cracks appear in rebellion forces and German and Russian forces begin fighting allowing Alien military force to escape.

15th November 2008

Gotham and Coast city declared memorials to those who died in the Alien invasion and occupation.

1st December 2008

Attempt to retake Cape town by Human forces fails due to fortified Alien positions and lack of coordination between human forces.

6th December 2008

East coast of America forces leave overall rebellion due to disagreement over treatment of Alien Prisoners.

January - December 2009

Human government disintegrates into a large number of city states separated by ideological differences over what to deal with Aliens and Supers. Green Lantern made ruler of East Coast of America, Lex Luthor made ruler of Metropolis.

2nd March 2009

Cape Town recognized as a sovereign Alien state by rulers of several city states.

15th April 2009

[[Antiopus] born to Wonder Woman and General Frank Rock.

27th August 2009

Anti meta human riots in Mexico city, many killed. Supers are put into protective custody by government.

30th September 2009

Only surviving Scientist to work on Gene Bomb project recaptured by an alien commando team, it is believed that the team and the scientist fled to Capetown.

16th November 2009

Sydney destroyed when Alien power generation system malfunctions due to lack of understanding by Human workers.

6th February 2010

Formation of the League to police use of Alien technology and allow free communication between states. Lex Luthor is the founder and first chairman of the league.

1st June 2010

Ultramarine Corps unveiled as military arm of the league tasked with peacekeeping duties, General Frank Rock appointed as leader.

2010 - 2018


City states continue to drift apart and some wars break out although some larger scale alliances are formed.

League continues to function as power broker.

8th January 2012

Alien bunker found near Buenos Aires containing over 500,000 clones, once freed clones make up the majority of cities population.

10th November 2012

Lex Luthor steps down as ruler of Metropolis to take up a full time position with the League, Gates Luthor is voted as his replacement.

1st January 2012

Founding of new Amazonian a small town near metropolis by Wonder Woman.

3rd February 2013

Clone bloodbath

An estimated 20% of clones worldwide declare their loyalty to the Aliens and turn on the humans and other clones. Large scale bloodshed world wide. Widespread mistrust that remaining clones could also be sleeper agents, many cities arrest clones.

20th June 2013

Founding of first determinant human base on the moon by various corporate interests.

29th August 2013

Underground Railroad formed by Genix and Polaris to smuggle supers out of Mexico city where many are being imprisoned or executed. Over the next 4 years it is estimated that over 90% of the surviving supers are removed from the area.

30th January 2014

General Frank Rock steps down as leader of Ultramarines.

1st January 2015

Meta-human spy ring created by Buenos Aires government to keep their state of the art knowledge of genetic engineering.

10th July 2017

Ambush by Mexican forces breaks up Underground Railroad and kills Polaris.

2016 - 2018

Lex Luthor stops making personal appearances.

Second Campaign

5th September 2018

Unveiling of first fully human constructed human spacecraft in Metropolis. Ceremony is broken up by an attack by a number of robots which kidnapped various attendees including General Frank Rock and Antiopus. Robots were tracked but to the site of the Gene bomb. A secret laboratory appeared to have been reopened and much of its equipment looted. Robots escaped with equipment and captives through a strange portal.

September - October 2018

Multiple raids made by Robots over the world kidnapping people and stealing equipment. Most individuals taken were members of the resistance when the Aliens were overthrown. Remains of robots are found to be a mix of alien and human technology.

10th September 2018

Task force formed by league to track down the robots.

20th October 2018

Satellite photography locates robots at a small military base outside of Buenos Aires.

28th October 2019

Task force inserted into Buenos Aires to investigate base. Evidence is found at the base that the Mexican government is working with an unknown third party to try and find a way remove powers from supers. Several of the kidnapped figures including Rock are held at the base. Base is destroyed and many of the prisoners freed.

10th December 2019

Task force attempts to infiltrate Cape town on the understanding that the Robots are controlled by the remaining Alien Presence on Earth. Task force is sold out by a local ships captain paid to transport them and several members are captured while others escape with Aliens in pursuit. A massive force of Robots >10,000 attacks Cape town and kidnaps the only surviving Alien Scientist to work on the Gene bomb. Captured members of task force are freed and whole team escape.

Meanwhile in an alternative universe

20th January 2019

Task force heads to the moon to investigate robotic technology used there. Shuttle craft used to transport them is sabotaged by robotic mice, ship crashes on the moons surface but the majority of the team survive and are taken safely to the moon base.

21st January 2020

Team are taken to the largest robots factory on the moon. Contact is made with a computerized creature referring to itself as 'eye'. Crew of factory are found to have been killed and replaced by robotic duplicates. Team flee factory which takes off from the moon and flies into Earth orbit where it disappears.

22nd January 2020

Existence of robotic duplicates is revealed to most governments, plans are put in place to test population for infiltrators.

1st February 2020

Several members of Metropolis government found to be Robot duplicates, they attempt to murder Gates, he survives but is injured and taken to hospital. Other duplicates attack the league headquarters destroying much of it, Lex Luthor's robotic body is discovered but his brain is found missing. Duplicates in Metropolis are found to all work for water purification department, team is rushed to water works and stop surviving duplicates contaminating the water supply but nanites are found to already be present.

2nd February 2020

Day of the Robots

Gates Luthor and Fury get engaged.

An estimated 10% of the human population are encased in nanites and converted into 'OMAC' robots. OMACs attack government forces, aliens and meta humans. Robot factory located away, computerized entity 'brother eye' declares itself ruler of earth. A second attempt is made on Gates life and he flees to try and rally his military. Evidence comes to light that Gates may in fact be Lex Luthor who has had his brain transplanted into his sons body. Team sent to the robot factory to try and stop brother eye after heavy fighting they board the craft but are held off by robots armed with super power neutralising weapons lead by the hero Polaris who is controlled by Brother Eye. Gates attempts to destroy factory with ground based weapons but this proves ineffective. Brother Eye is discovered to be based on system designed by Batman, fortified bunker found under Gotham and counter program for Brother Eye located, an agent with the program was sent to the factory via rocket. Brother Eye is destroyed by counter program but not before a self destruct system is activated, freed from his control Polaris attempts to use his powers to stop the program but proves to weak, a task force telepathy strengthens him enough to allow the task force to escape back to Earth.

Between Campaigns

8th April 2020

Moon base abandoned.

19th August 2020

Gates forced to step down as ruler of Metropolis due to allegations he is Lex Luthor.

10th October 2020

Twin daughter, Diana and Antiope born to Fury.

24th January 2021

Green Lantern goes missing.

7th August 2021

Alien power plant in London unexpectedly shuts down and cannot be restarted, whole city blacked out.

August - October 2021

Power failures spread to other cities reliant on Alien technology.

23rd October 2021

Cape town government offers free aid of alien technology to all cities effected by power loss. Civil war breaks out amongst Aliens in city.

30th October 2021

Anti aid forces in Cape town driven from the city, aid sent to effected cities and some power supplies restarted.

6th February 2024

World Government

Act passed by 90% of city states to give ultimate executive power to the League to allow for better organization of Earths resources. Cape town accepted as full member.

10th April 2024

Laws passed to require all meta-humans to be registered and undergo training at the newly formed Ultramarine academies. Aliens, metas and clones are all recognized as full citizens.

1st January 2025

Last states join league.

March 2026

Aliens report that they have had no contact with any of their kin beyond the solar system since the end of the invasion. Probes sent out of the solar system have stopped functioning.

16th August 2028

Moon base re-established.

10th October 2030

First human built ship 'The Black Hawk' sets out to leave the solar system using an alien built FTL drive.

19th November 2030

After testing contact is lost with the Black Hawk.

20th November 2030

Return of the Daxamites

Black Hawk and all crew are returned to Earth by a group of Daxamites.

They state that in thanks to Earth for providing the cure to their lead poisoning it has been declared a protectorate of the Daxamite empire. For its own protection it has been cut off from the rest of the Galaxy, it is requested that humans make no attempt to leave their planet and that those individuals who have already left return as quickly as possible. They also demand all aliens leave the planet immediately.

21st November 2030

An estimated 95% of the Alien population of earth are killed in 10 minutes by the daxamites, the survivors go into hiding.

22nd November 2030

Moon base is abandoned.

28th November 2030

An accident destroys the abandoned Moon base.

5th January 2030

The Daxamites build an 'embassy' on the moon.

March 2030 - April 2031

Anti-Daxamite protests are sparked throughout the work with people demanding their rulers do something about the Daxamite 'occupation'

15th April 2031

A meteorite strikes an anti-Daxamite rally led by a dominator in Berlin, destroying part of the city and killing an estimated 10000 people. Anti-daxamite rallies stop.

20th September 2031

League accepts offer of aid from Daxamites in the form of a robotic law enforcement force called Legion.

2032 - 2033

League and Daxamites propose that Alien contaminants should be removed from Earth and steps are taken to remove most Alien technology from Earth.

2032 - 2035

There is a marked increase in the number of missing people worldwide particularly supers. Rumours of a rebel force being formed against the Daxamites start circulating.

3rd April 2033

Legion forces destroy an Alien base aiming to create a disease to decimate the human population. Gates rumored to be working with the Aliens.

18th July 2034

Due to effectiveness of Legion at dealing with natural disasters and crime the Ultramarines are disbanded, teaching function remains in place.

26th June 2035

Several alien ships appear in Earth orbit, they are quickly destroyed by the Daxamites.

1st July 2035

Third part of the Campaign starts