The Harpers

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The Harpers is a scattered network of spellcasters and spies who advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power. The organization is benevolent, knowledgeable, and secretive. Bards and wizards of good alignments are commonly drawn to the Harpers.


  • Gather information throughout Faerûn.
  • Promote fairness and equality by covert means.
  • Thwart tyrants and leaders, governments, and organizations that grow too powerful.
  • Aid the weak, poor and oppressed.


  • One can never have too much information or arcane knowledge.
  • Too much power leads to corruption. The abuse of magic, in particular, must be closely monitored.
  • No one should be powerless.

Member Traits

Harper agents are trained to act alone and rely on their own resources. When they get into scrapes, they don’t count on their fellow Harpers to rescue them. Nevertheless, Harpers are dedicated to helping one another in times of need, and friendships between Harpers are nigh unbreakable. Masterful spies and infiltrators, they use various guises and secret identities to form relationships, cultivate their information networks, and manipulate others into doing what needs to be done. Although most Harpers prefer to operate in the shadows, there are exceptions.