The Four Colours of Azoth

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Between the time of the discovery of the New World and the coming of the great revolutions, there was an age undreamed of. It was a time of witchcraft and sorcery, when wizard emperors and virgin queens squabbled over a Europe teeming with sects, fanatics and sacred orders, when brother turned on brother in religious hatred and the acrid fumes of gunpowder drifted across an embattled continent. Let me tell you of the days of swashbuckling Adventure!

Starting point

On board a plump galleon making good way across a sunny, blue atlantic ocean, the coasts of Africa and Iberia far behind, and the green shores of Madeira just beyond the horizon. Infanta Constanta is piloted by Capitão João Texeiro, a shrewd and ruthless merchant adventurer with a cargo hold full of slaves, guns and spices.

Is your character part of the crew? A pampered passenger? A shackled slave?

What is his business in Madeira? To be sold? To buy? To explore and research? To pray and atone? To take up property, or to sell your services? To relax, or to toil?


Setting overview

Setting maps

People and ships

Fechtbuch - setting combat rules [1]