The Enemy Within

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Bill's game of 1e WFRP, featuring the epic Enemy Within campaign.

People, PCs, & NPCs


WFRP Enemy Within NPCs

WFRP Enemy Within PCs

The Cults of the Enemy Within

The Hammers of Sigmar - an order within the church of Sigmar, who seem to be skilled in infiltration and also seem to operate outside the law.

Ordo Septanarius, now disbanded. A Bogenhafen secret society for businessmen, actually a front for a demon-summoning ritual.

Ordo Ultima, a Slaaneshi Cult from Altdorf, status unknown.

Whisperers in the Darkness, a Tzeentchian cult wiped out by the PCs early in the campaign (Night of Blood).

The Red Crown - worshippers of Tzeentch, and rivals of The Purple Hand. Actively recruiting beastmen and mutants to their cause, it appears.

The Purple Hand. A Tzeentchian cult, whose members appears to be hidden all over the Empire. Kastor Lieberung (deceased), Ernst Heidelman, and Etelka Herzen are members.

Enemy Within - Session Summaries

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Enemy Within - Taking the bull by the horns

Enemy Within - Death on the Reik


House Rules

Various house rules for the game.


To allow players some flexibility in choosing their classes (if not their careers).

  1. You choose your race, most of of you will be Human.
  2. You randomly generate your stats in order. These scores cannot be switched. If you want to reroll any bad stat you do the whole lot.
  3. Depending on your stats you can choose a class. The classes are Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, and Academic. CAVEAT: if you want to play a specific class, you may substitute the minimum required for the relevant stat as follows (I'm calling it the Min30 rule).
    1. Warriors - replace their generated WS score with a minimum of 30.
    2. Rangers - replace their generated BS score with a minimum of 30.
    3. Rogue - replace their generated I score with a minimum of 30. Elves do not automatically get the I 65 needed - they must roll that naturally!
    4. Academics - replace their generated Int and WP score with a minimum of 30.
  4. These scores cannot be switched around so once you've applied the Min30 rules: that's it.
  5. The basic CharGen rules apply as normal for career generation, i.e. randomly roll for your starting careers and skills. Note that most class exits may allow you to follow specific careers.

Elf Psychology

Elves are somewhat overpowered in the WFRP 1e. To balance this, Elves start with mild Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia, plus d6 appropriate Insanities.


The WFRP rules state that you roll 1d6 and add S to the basic damage roll. However, the new damage house rules state the following:

Damage is calculated by rolling a 1d10 and adding Strength. The defender rolls 1d6 and adds their Toughness. Any Armour reduces the damage further.