Shadow on the Warp pt.2

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While the Imperial Fleet and Blades of the Emperor Space Marines battle the splinter fleet of Tyranid bio-ships, Caernavon goes on full military alert.

Assigned recon duties, the Screaming Eagles are dispatched to investigate a number of crash sites, possibly mycogenetic spores from the Tyranid fleet.

After a somewhat fraught insertion by a modified Thunderhawk, the 'Eagles proceed to the first Objective Point: Alpha. Discovering a spore, the unit are attacked by Genestealers as the rain begins to pour down. Vox proves unpredictable as the storm rages.

After dispatching the Genestelaers, the unit proceeds to tramp through the jungle to point Beta. Occasionally, they hear snippets of vox-chatter from Team Secundus, their regimental counterparts making a sweep of their own to the west. After finding another empty, and larger pod, the unit voxs their suspicion that a Tyranid Lictor is in the area...

Proceeding to their rendezvous point, Gamma, both units come under attack by two Lictors. Saved by the arrival of the Thunderhawk, the group manage to fell the lictors and scramble to safety.