Sarathis sector

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Sarathis Sector

Location: Galactic South East

Sarathis sector is a relatively quiet sector of the Imperium. Largely untouched by the events of the Horus Heresy, it continues to provide various resources for the Imperium. Whilst there are only a few Hive worlds in the sector, manufacturing is a major export. The sector is located close to the Dark Veil, a nebula that stretches far into unknown space and is the source of some discussion among scholars.

A great deal of traffic passes through the region: both free traders and Imperial craft.

Systems and Planets of Note

Albrecht – Imperial Guard

The Albrecht system provides training grounds in a variety of environments (including a simulated Death World) for the Imperial Guard who maintain a heavy presence in the region. The Imperial Guard have one major regiment in the region that all worlds join. It is a social experiment by the Administratum, one that has borne positive results thus far. Within Sarathis sector, all Guardsmen (and women) are part of Albrechtarian Regiment AKA the “Screaming Eagles”.

Caernavon – Agricultural/Mining

Caernavon is the closest system after Savidiam to the Dark Veil. Despite occasional meteor storms, this system provides a number of resources such as Grox meat and crystals used in Las weapon beam arrays.


A Hive world of small proportions compared to those found elsewhere in the Imperium, this planet manufactures many imperial armaments. When a deadly hive virus broke out within Spire-157 eighty years ago, a forcible and extreme sanction (Exterminatus) was carried out upon the spire by the Imperium. To this day, travel tubes and all conduits to the area remain sealed to prevent radiation or another outbreak of the virus. Known as the Intana incident, this remains fresh in the minds of many.

Ishmael – Aquatic Death World

Only a small imperial research outpost exists on this world. Considered a punishment posting by many Guardsmen, this planet is known for its variety of marine life, nearly all deadly.

Kalak – Space Marine Chapter

This desert world is home to the Blades of the Emperor Space Marine chapter.


Once a thriving Xeno system, only stones and dust remain. Imperial Adepts occasionally travel to the system and study the planet, but to all intents it is a dead world.