Religions of Volkrania

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Volkranians worship a number of different deities, although both the Raven Queen and Pelor are especially revered. Kord is worshipped by many of the Norlanders. Pelor is the official state religion of Volkrania, and all major cities have a large temple dedicated to him.


Boccob is worshipped by many magic-users, and most Mages Guilds have a small shrine to him.

Corellon Larethian

Worshipped by few, only Half-Elves revere this god. His name remains known to the majority of Volkranians for the forest that bears his name: Corellon's Tears.


Ehlonna, as Lady of the Forests, is worshipped by most rangers and many druids. She and Melora, Goddess of the sea and wild places, are twin sisters and the relationship between her worshippers is a friendly one.


The followers of the Lord of Slaughter are as common as ever among the Orcs of the Wildlands, but a few in the Shadow Government worship the god in secret, mainly assassins and other murderers.


The organised worship of the God of Roads is rarely practised by Volkranians, although some Bards may follow him. Many travellers intone a brief prayer to him before embarking on a journey, and most major roads have a small wayside shrine.

Garl Glittergold

The worship of the former god of the gnomes is restricted to a handful of Halflings, in his aspect as the patron of jewelrymaking. Many believe this god is little more than a vestige.


Gruumsh unsurprisingly has his strongest following amongst the Orcs of the Wildlands - few humans follow him.


Worshipped by some Volkranians, the cult of Heironeous has a strong following amongst those with a high moral standard. For many, the strict moral code required for his worship are too stringent. His strongest following is among Paladins, and those fighters dedicated to a cause.


Hextor is worshipped by some Hobgoblins, as well as by those who would promote conflict and evil in Volkrania. His cult is a small one, outlawed by Volkranian law, and followers of Heironeous hunt down these cults whenever they are discovered.


Many Norlanders follow Kord, and his cult is widespread in the Norlands. Most Norlander tribes have at least one cleric of Kord among their numbers.


The goddess of the sea, nature, and wild places has a large following among those Volkranians that rely on the sea for their livelihood, as well as many who venerate the wild. Her cult has even attracted some Bronze Mandragora to follow her. Many Druids choose to follow her.

Her Domains are Air, Water, and Ocean (see new Domains in the magic section).


The Soul Forger has a great many clerics throughout Volkrania, mainly Dwarven, although a few humans have adopted him as a patron. Dwarves view such individuals with a certain amount of amusement. Dwarven clerics of Moradin have a robust approach to life and can be found mining with their flock as often as preaching.


The former so-called god of death has few followers, and his cult is outlawed in Volkrania. Nonetheless, there are those who worship him in secret.

However, the god of Death himself may be dead. The sorceress that later became the Raven Queen was once restored to life as Nerull's consort. She rebelled and with the help of other tormented souls, managed to defeat Nerull. His fate is unknown, but his followers believe that they can return him to power.


Many druids once followed Obad-hai, although since the Conclave of the Winds and Battle for the Shadows, few are left. Many have transferred their allegiance to the lady of the Forest, Ehlonna or her sister Melora. Many believe Obad-Hai to be dead, as he no longer answers the prayers of his Worshippers.


Although Olidammara's worship is not outlawed, many cities regard his priesthood with suspicion. Consequently many of his priests keep a low profile and most of his shrines are concealed within Thieves Guild safe houses.


Pelor is the official state religion of Volkrania. A huge temple bears his name in the centre of Volkraad. Even when the city was ablaze during the Orcgate War, his temple remained miraculously untouched. His clerics, and Paladins, can be found throughout Volkrania ministering to his worshippers and healing the sick. Many clerics can also be found within the ranks of the army, where they also hold positions of command.

The Raven Queen

The name of the goddess of death is long forgotten, but she is called the Raven Queen. She is the spinner of fate and the patron of winter. She marks the end of each mortal life, and mourners call upon her during funeral rites, in the hope that she will guard the departed from the curse of undeath, protecting their souls in the afterlife. The Raven Queen is worshipped by many soldiers and veterans, as well as by the Shadar-kai. All the dead go to her in her Halls of Awaiting before being assigned to the appropriate afterlife.

She is the arch-enemy of Nerull and Orcus, who seek the souls of the dead for their own foul ends - in Nerull's case she is responsible for apparently slaying him and seizing his power. Her favoured weapon is the scythe, representing her role as a harvester of souls.

Despite her sombre nature and the grim demeanour of her temples, her priesthood are a boisterous lot. They believe in living life to the full (and occasional excess) - many holy festivals, such as the Queen's Remembrance, are a celebration of life. Clerics of the Raven Queen often seek out undead and attempt to destroy them, as the creatures are abominations in the eyes of the Raven Queen and her worshippers.

Her associated domains are Protection, Fate and Cold (see new Domains).

St. Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert has a small following among Paladins and the more fervent believers in the greater good. Their zeal often brings them into conflict with the more moderate Church of Pelor.


The Maimed one is not widely known in Volkrania, and his worship even less so. Nonetheless, there are likely to be a few worshippers of Vecna hidden away in places where no one notices them.

Wee Jas

Wee Jas is not worshipped by any being on Duralyth.


The goddess of the Halflings is honoured by a large temple in Shimmerbridge, and there are frequent feasts held in her honour there. Her priests are often found in some of the larger cities as well, wherever large numbers of Halflings are found.