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<metadesc>Open Roleplaying Community member quotes</metadesc>

Overheard at ORC

Quotes by ORC Members.

  • "I jump on the bulette's back" - Adam as Tonrar, in Ashes of Freedom (Bulettes or landsharks are armour-plated eating machines in D&D).
  • "Okay, I fire the gas cylinders, and crash the combine harvester through the dining room window." - Bill as Whorl, in the Dark Heresy Highest Noon, Lowest Dawn campaign, after a dinner party goes badly wrong.
  • "Brula not need bathroom, Brula go outside" - Steve as Brula in Highest Noon, Lowest Dawn, answering the age old Imperial question - do feral psykers sh*t in the woods?
  • "I nut the Lizardman." - Bill as Rafael de Fabrizi in The New World setting, after losing his bastard sword. It worked!
  • "I'll use my dwarven cleavage on them again" - Euan's dwarf fighter defines a new martial power in Against the Odds.
  • "If it's stupid and cinematic, do it." - Jill's advice to Ali in Fires of Perdition.
  • "What's the one thing we know about bugbears!? They're dicks." - Euan R
  • "<I'm a florist.> in a heavy Russian accent" - Marge: playing a heavily-armed and -armoured Enforcer in Bill's The Void game; while trying to con the local Sheriff.