Pillars of Society

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The Pillars of Society is a Black Crusade game that I plan to start in a few weeks, I am currently looking for 4-6 players and the game should run for about 3 months give or take.

The game is going to take place on the Imperial World of Telos in the Hive city of Babel.

The party will have the job or trying to overthrow the current rulers of the city and turn it over to the gods of chaos.

The idea is that there are eleven 'pillars of society', organisatations that control the city and in order to cause a revoltion a number of these pillars will need to be removed by the players. Each player should select one pillar to work against, each session the plan of one of the players will be put into action and that player will be in charge for that week.

Generally the missions should be somewhat undercover as if the imperial forces find out about the heretics then they will be hunted down.

You can choose to dedicate a mission to a Chaos god, doing so gets you stat bonuses while working on the mission and increased Infamy if you succeed. However, you also get increased corruption if you succeed or not. Generally a mission would have to be in the gods style to be dediclated (i.e. kill things for Khorne, Cause disease or dispair for Nurgle, Corruption for Slaanesh and betrayel or change for Tzeentch)

The bonuses are as follows: -

Khorne - +5 to BS or WS Nurgle - +5 T Slaanesh - +5 Fel Tzeentch - +5 Int or WP