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People (NPCs)

Capitao Joao Texeira Merchant sea captain, all about the bottom line, discipline and his god given right to trade human freedom for neat profit. Master of the Infanta Constanta.

Signore Francesco Doria Noble, knight of malta, naval captain and man with a mission. This stern aristocrat, well shaven in black, is not above questioning slaves in greek or sneering and merchant captains. Master of the Memento Mori.

The Cappadocian A man from cappadocia was shot dead after working magic, Signore Doria (and maybe others...) were looking for a "John the Cappadocian". How does all this fit together?

The "Headmaster" A severe gentleman in black, and pale of face. You don't know much about him, although Thomas has clearly gone on his nerves.

The "Gentleman" A well built young man, clearly of good breeding. You haven't really spoken to him.


Infanta Constanta Portuguese trading vessel plying the west mediterranean. A plum, old fashioned square rigged caravel (or Caravel Redonda). [1]

Memento Mori A majestic galleon, one of the few in the fleets of the Order of St John. Actually the personal property of Signore Doria. A black skull on a golden flag and the maltese cross flies from its main. [2]