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Name: Orana

Alias: Wonder Woman

Powers: Flight, Super-strength, Longevity, Jumping

Background: Orana is one of the Amazons living on Paradise Island. She was chosen from among her people to replace Princess Diana, the current Wonder Woman and took up her mantle. However, her term as Wonder Woman was to be short lived as she was gunned down by a villain called Scourge. Later after the Alien invasion her body was recovered by the Dominators and they used their cloning technology to make several copies of Orana. Several of these clones were freed by a group of resistance fighters but only two of them survived, one fully grown who took on the name of Wonder Woman, and one physically about 8 years old who was later to grow to be Fury. Orana had difficulty coming to terms with her status as a clone and believed that she was the original Orana, healed by the Aliens and that Fury was another Amazon child who just looked like her by coincidence.

Once freed from the research centre she was created in, Orana joined the resistance and the quest to locate the missing heroes of the past. Upon locating the body of the original Wonder Woman she fought a duel with a Khund priest to reclaim her bracelets, tiara and lasso although the fabled invisible plane could not be located.

Orana continued to fight with the resistance until the Aliens were overthrown. During the victory celebrations Oran began a short and tempestuous relationship with General Frank Rock which lead to the birth of their son Antiopus, the couple latter separated but remained in contact and had joint custody of their child. Orana briefly travelled the world to try and locate Paradise Island but it was not where she remembered it to be. She then returned to Metropolis and started a small settlement outside the city limits called the New Amazon Nation. Like her original home, only women were welcome. She continued to raise both her son and her 'daughter' Fury as well as acting as head of state for her new country.

Orana was present in Metropolis when the city was first attacked by the OMACs - during the raid both her son and her ex-lover were kidnapped. She joined the task force set up to track down the source of the OMACs and a military base in Mexico was found to have been visited. There they found that Rock was being imprisoned and he was freed but there was no sign of her son. The search continued and took the party to South Africa and the Moon before Brother Eye revealed himself. Orana was part of the team sent to his base to defeat him and after the computer entity had been shut down she returned to Earth. During the crisis Fury announced her engagement to Gates a relationship Orana was strongly opposed to as she believed that Gates was in fact Lex Luthor. After the defeat of Brother Eye more evidence came to light and the rumours drove Fury and Gates apart. Fury reconciled with her "mother" and started living in the Amazon Nation, gave birth, and raised her children there. Orana continued to run her own country but she and Rock spent increasing lengths of time travelling the Earth to try and find the location of their missing son. At present no sign has been seen of Orana for almost a year.