Operation Brass Harvest

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On the Eastern Fringe of the Galaxy an Astropathic Wail went out. One of death and unrest. On the Agri world of Gourmand Beta, a rebellion is in full swing. Due to the Importance of an Agri world a reinforcement convoy en route to the Damocles Gulf has been re-deployed to secure the system and get food flowing to the nearby hive worlds again.

Forward Elements of the task force made ground two days ago, taking the planetary defence cannon offline and securing the starport and the some of the surrounding area. The rest of the force transitioned from the Immaterium approximately 20hrs ago, and are entering orbit presently. As the first of the landers deploy from their parent ships, Operation Brass Harvest has begun.

Committed Forces

Originally a convoy of reinforcements heading towards the Damocles gulf, these regiment's have formed an Ad hoc Army group out of the necessity of putting down this rebellion before it dramatically effected the output of other worlds in it's subsector. Although not normally enough to face down a planet, the 8 regiments that make up the task force have been deemed more than enough by the Lord General to put down some simple farmers.

Order of Battle

  • Vostroyan 134th Mechanised Regiment
  • Cyprian 25th Mobile Recon Regiment
  • Cyprian 34th Mechanised Regiment
  • Valhallan 346th Seige Regiment
  • Tallarn 68th Light infantry Regiment
  • Cadian 230th infantry Regiment
  • Cadian 56th Armoured Regiment
  • Elysian 67th Airbourne Regiment
  • 64th Airbourne Assault Squadron
  • Munitorium Labour Battalion