Omega Squad - Mission Report III

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Watch Captain, Brother Eigen reporting in place of watch brother Sammeal.

Tomorrow we take the trial, the local initiation ceremony. Here we will kill the regions apex predator with aid of out hallowed power armour and bolters.

Last night, we followed the local law enforcement officials out of the city to a swap several kilometers to the north of the main settlement. Here, there was a work camp for the harvesting of promethium, of which they have a sizable reserve.

The exit from the city under cover of night was required due to an edit forbidding imperial personal from straying beyond the city walls. A local had to be cancelled, due to being accused of murder, and the returning of the felons head to the local authorities bought our honourable entrance once more into the city walls.

--El Kapitan 09:36, 29 July 2011 (BST)