O'er the hills and Faerie Way

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In the aftermath of the auction, the group returns to Grey Manor to consider the next step. After night falls, there is a thunderous knock on the door. A middle-aged man, dressed in fine red silks, demands to see Mizaab as the master of the house. Wary of the stranger, the group decides not to admit him. The stranger waves a hand, and the letter P (in Draconic) bursts into flame on the door as his calling card. Whilst less than amused, the stranger leaves for the inn where he is staying, followed by Daemon. However, Daemon loses the trail, but the night is suddenly lit up as a nearby tavern (the Silver Coin) erupts into flame. Daemon catches sight of a huge winged shape flying away into the night and he flees as Dragonfear seizes him.

After the visit, no one sleeps easily. During the night, the group finds themselves... somewhere else. There are no stars in the sky and it is freezing. None of them have any iron or steel items, including weapons or armour.

The group trudge through the snow following a pair of footprints, encountering the three jermalaine (Big Red Tony, Almost Andy, and Dictionary Dave) that Damien Kross met in Grey Manor. They warn the group to continue on and that Kross has been chosen for something by the Queen.

An encounter with, and subsequent honour guard, of fey knights leads the group to the Unseelie court of the Queen of Ice and Darkness. The castle where she resides does not fill the group with confidence: a vast fortress that looks like a skeletal hand. Once inside, the Queen grants them an audience. Damien Kross is nearby, the Queen's Winter Knight, frozen in a pillar of ice. She advises the group in tones of icicles and velvet that he cannot intervene directly, but that demons will come to Volkrania if certain things are to come to pass.

With this in mind, she allows the group to scry upon those individuals that they have been seeking...

The group sees Danil Edgars, now dressed in robes of some kind. A figure walks into view: the Master, and he bends his knee to Edgars, in such a way that it is obvious who is the master and servant. During the course of their scrying the group learns that are four bloodstones (a rare gem) required to bring Demogorgon into the Prime Material Plane. All are involved with Demogorgon's representatives in Volkrania. Edgars is far, far older than originally thought and has spent considerable time preparing the way for the Demon Prince - he implies that he was responsible for engineering the House Xeduus invasion, and ultimately the Purge of Fire. He is less than amused with the fact that one of the Cult cells in Volkraad has been wiped out in a fire.

Damien Kross remains nearby, frozen in a column of ice while these events take place, alive but unmoving. The Queen explains that he is undergoing some kind of alteration to become one of her Knights Of Wynter.

The rest of the group resolves to head to Taldan after hearing of recent events, where someone is burning the grasslands. However, there are also other events to consider:

The Queen concludes their audience by saying that these events are the work of Demogorgon's agents, but she is unclear as to which ones.

The group awakes the following morning, with the inside of their rooms covered in a light dusting of snow.