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Norland is no place for weaklings or fools. This frozen land of ice and darkness stretches all the way to Duralyth's Northern Pole. The people here, known as Norlanders, have a simple hunter-gatherer society based around a tribal structure. Whilst mainly peaceful to towards other humans they are renowned as fierce warriors, especially given that they war with the beings known as frost giants who live in the mountains, and those goblinoids foolhardy enough to cross the dagger straits.

Life is hard, but there are many animals living on the tundra. Norlanders often describe the land as their Mother. They say "Mother will provide" when talking about hunting or shelter. They rarely band together except for a Chieftain's meeting held in a holy area every five years. Many worship the Raven Queen in her aspect as the goddess of Winter, but Kord is the primary deity among the tribes.

A number of animals live in the Norland: powerful bears roam at will, while elk and other herd animals browse the tundra. Winter wolves are a menace in many areas. The biggest danger is the land itself: fierce winds and the bitter cold can quickly end an expedition. In some places the ice sheet is paper-thin, plunging the unwary into a deep crevasse or icy water.