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The rough map has been divided up in to Campaign areas. These were geographic locations that a DM is responsible for.

This was deliberately left open - there are no rivers or inland bodies of water, etc shown on the map. DMs could add them where they wanted. However, as a number of plot events occurred in specific locations: DMs would need to work together and share ideas.


Ancient city, Khassh'vorr

Built on a fertile river delta. A large underground complex exists, but very little known about it except by the Yuan-ti. The city itself is mainly flooded; with about a foot of standing water everywhere - no problem to the semi-aquatic LizardFolk.

Human colony, Port Calachetta

A short distance from the city on dry land. A town about 100 years old with a small jetty to allow ships to load. Includes a graveyard, temple merchant company offices, equipment stores, taverns, etc.

City of the Dead, Mhishlaan

Free-willed DARKLIGHT UNDEAD, guarding the tomb complex of the sleeping Merrshaulk. Ruled by a council of Liches (Undead OVERKINGs). A blighted area surrounds the city. "Mountain’s blood" river, vast like the Amazon. Runs past the CITY OF THE DEAD, out to the sea.

Celestial city, Tlapallan

Outpost of Celestials/Angels, Couatl.

Dwarven Mines & NW Mountains

Opencast mining of obsidian, by LizardFolk and Dwarves. Hazardous terrain. Metal mines, gem mines, prospectors etc. Also site of destroyed Darklight beacon.

Darklight beacon

Safety valve of negative energy. Maintained by golems, in a large city complex. Golems are hostile to PCs.


Large arid expanse, sulphurous in the volcanic zone. Strange lines (like Nazca plain) across the desert. Tar-pits, quicksand.


Shunned by the cold-blooded LizardFolk. Frozen marshes and tundra in closer areas.

Jungle, North Eastern

Thick jungle, strange noises, brightly coloured wildlife, high humidity. Large number or rivers and bodies of water.

Jungle, North Western

Thick jungle, strange noises, brightly coloured wildlife, high humidity. Illuminated LizardFolk. Signs of Civilisation. Large number or rivers and bodies of water. Dinosaurs common.

Jungle, South Eastern

Hostile LizardFolk. Also summoned Tanar’ri, LizardFolk Half Fiends. Temples to Merrshaulk (but no Yaun-ti)?

Jungle, South Western

Hostile LizardFolk. Possible survivors. Tribal rivalries.

Mountains, North Eastern

Impassable. Unpredictable weather.

Mountains, South Eastern

Impassable. Unpredictable weather.

Ocean straits

Open area - PCs travelling this area are open to attack by Sahuagin and shark hunting parties.

Outer Isles

Similar to the Spanish Main/Caribbean, pirates and the like. A few weeks travel by ship from the New World.

Plains & Scrubland (South)

Dinosaurs common. Similar to Serengeti.

Underwater realm of the Sahuagin

Former ANCIENT city. Used to have DARKLIGHT tower, but destroyed in volcanic eruption. Now it is home to the aquatic and xenophobic Sahuagin.

Other encounter sites

These are encounter sites/ideas that have been mentioned but have no fixed plot location yet. They can be placed within a campaign location, but once used they cannot be used in another Campaign Location.

  • Underground valley that has led to the creation of various Slimes, Oozes, and Molds
  • The lost world (trails of the dinosaurs)
  • Sink hole in the jungle
  • Animal stampede
  • Rescue previous expedition
  • Volcano erupting
  • Waterfall ravine (floods)
  • Mudslides in the rain
  • Quicksand pits
  • Valley of carnivorous plants
  • Snakes, snakes and snakes on a (Prime Material) plane (see Yuan-ti!)
  • The Purple worm or Fiendwurm?
  • Day of the Dead
  • The flower war/LizardFolk "Olympics" used to select the best warriors for self-sacrifice to CITY OF THE DEAD

Encounter types

Type or (Subtype) Random Encounters? Notes
Aberration No Unique/Area, Rare
(Air) Yes
Animal Yes
(Aquatic) Yes
Beast Yes
(Cold) No
Construct No Unique/Area
Dragon No
(Earth) Yes
Elemental (Air) No
Elemental (Earth) No
Elemental (Fire) No
Elemental (Water) No
(Evil) Yes
Fey No
(Fire) No
Giant No
Humanoid No
(Incorporeal) Yes
Magical Beast No Unique/Area
Monstrous Humanoid No
Ooze Yes
Outsider No Unique/Area
Outsider (Chaotic, Evil) No Unique/Area
Outsider (Evil) No Unique/Area
Outsider (Evil, Lawful) No Unique/Area
Outsider (Good) No Unique/Area
Plant Yes
(Reptilian) Yes
Shapechanger Yes
Undead Yes Template, Unique/Area
Vermin Yes
(Water) Yes

Rare: This type/subtype is uncommon - only 10% of planned encounters should be with this subtype, unless critical to the adventure.

Template: Created according to a Template.

Unique/Area: Only found in a specific area such as adventure site or location. They are very rare, unique to certain areas, or are one-of-a kind.

The list includes a number of creatures marked with an asterisk (*). These creatures are not should not be used as random encounters. They are either unique, relevant to specific area, or exist as a specific plot enemy/ally.