Mission Report VIII

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<metadesc>The Deathwatch RPG campaign run by Ross, the Doom of Jericho. Set in the wh40k universe.</metadesc> <keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> The Kill-team has been sent on a mission to retrieve the data being held at the Deathwatch station Midael, on the edge of the Chaos-held Hadex Anomaly, which has not been heard from for over three decades. As well as this important mission the team has been entrusted with the task of discovering the fate of a small detachment of ships from the Achillus Crusade which vanished in the area. During their journey through the warp, their frigate came upon the remains of the Imperial fleet. One ship, though heavily damaged, was able to send a distress signal to the team, who bravely entered the drifting vessel.

Quickly it was discovered that the Warp Drive had been severely damaged and that regular power was fluctuating, causing the Geller field to cut out periodically, a serious issue when trapped in the Warp.

It was decided that the Kill-team's frigate would provide power to keep the Geller field stable until they could help repair the ship's systems.

While the Enginseers worked to connect the two ships' engines, the team joined one of the teams of Navy Guardsmen who were purging areas of the ship that had been touched by the taint of Chaos when the Geller field fails. During their purge they discovered strange ritual symbols in rooms where their occupants had been hideously torn to pieces. The Librarian quickly figured out that there must be heresy aboard the cruiser, it was then that the connection to both ships was completed and everything turned red...

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