Mission Report VII

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<keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> The players sniped an Imperial Guard General who had been captured by Tau, then attacked a landing platform that had an unmanned Manta, the Librarian locked himself in his own mind instead, then the Tactical Marine blew up the Tau Commander's battle-suit, killed the crew, got almost murdered by stealth-suits, ate the brains of the remaining crew of the manta, took off having forgotten that the Librarian had been locked in to his own mind and was still on the platform.

The Librarian got up and accidentally blasted himself and only himself with Smite, then accidentally summoned a Daemon Prince who set the landing platform on fire that did 100 energy damage to everyone around him, so the Librarian's limbs melted off and he got stuck to the side of the (melting) elevator shaft. The PCs shot the Daemon Prince with 2 heavy railguns and 6 ion cannons but weren't able to kill him, then the Daemon Prince tore the bit of elevator that the Librarian was attached to off and was about to finish squeezing the life out of him when they flew the manta under the arm of the Daemon Prince and shot him straight in the chest with the Railgun, sending it back to the Warp. They then scraped the Librarian off the top of the Manta and flew back to base.

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