Mission Report VI

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<metadesc>The Deathwatch RPG campaign run by Ross, the Doom of Jericho. Set in the wh40k universe.</metadesc> <keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> The kill-team have been sent to the world of Baraban where madness has engulfed the inhabitants, both Human and Tau alike. Their mission is to discover the source of the madness and put a stop to it!

Having saved an outpost from marauding Kroot, the team found a clearing where an ancient alien device, phased partially outside of the material realm, lurked. Unfortunately they were unable to safely access it and instead set it off, sending the team into a brief period of madness before they were able to interface with its remains and pin-point the locations of three other devices that failed to detonate at the correct time.

With the remaining devices dealt with, the team encountered a Tau diplomat suffering from the madness these devices cause, making him believe the Marines were loyal members of the Tau Empire. Using his knowledge they have discovered that a Tau strike force were able to secure the partial remains of one of the alien devices as well as capturing an Imperial general.

Now they must decide whether they will assault this Tau complex and attempt to free the general, or give him up for lost and return with the materials they have secured. . . .

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