Mission Report IV

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<metadesc>The Deathwatch RPG campaign run by Ross, the Doom of Jericho. Set in the wh40k universe.</metadesc> <keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> The Kill-team succeeded in saving the Frigate from almost certain destruction, protecting the life of its noble captain as well as the majority of his staff, but at great cost as the ship itself was heavily damaged and many lives were lost, but the attack succeeded in creating the opening that was essential for the next phase of the fleet's plan: to send the Kill-team directly into the Hive Ship and sever its link to the Hive Mind.

The team was fired by torpedo into the spore-shields and through the void-skin protecting the Hive-ship from attack, before steadily making their way through layer upon layer of the gargantuan life-form, fighting hideous alien foes of all shapes and sizes. During their trek through the arteries of the ship, the team were able to cripple spore-shield production, destroy one of the main spore-cannons, and even came upon the remains of the Righteous 3 which was slowly being digested inside the Hive-ship's stomach, bravely entering it to rescue their noble ally Captain Caleb Twisden as well as the further diminished remaining staff of the vessel.

Having made their way through the bowels of the Hive Ship the Kill-team found the main hatchery within the ship and were able to destroy a hulking Tyranid Prime, though the Librarian barely resisted being pulled into the Warp by a voracious demon that was called by his over-use of the Psychic gifts he held. As well as the destruction of this Tyranid beast, the Apothecary had succeeded in acquiring a pure sample of the Hive Fleet Dagon genus that will be of great use to the Inquisition. Finally, the team made it to the synapse chamber and were able to destroy the link to the Hive Mind before being teleported to the safety of the Emperor's Wrath in time to witness the arrival of a Deathwatch Battle-Barge to finish the job of annihilating the Hive fleet in orbit over Avalos.

The world had been saved and the team have been given a hero's welcome by their battle-brothers as they return to Watch Fortress Erioch.

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