Mission Report III

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<metadesc>The Deathwatch RPG campaign run by Ross, the Doom of Jericho. Set in the wh40k universe.</metadesc> The Kill-team have succeeded heroically in the destruction of the dam on Avalos, washing thousands of the Tyranid swarm away into oblivion, but at great cost, for the Librarian lost his leg in a vicious battle with a Broodlord.

Now, however, they have been sent to defend the Sword-class Frigate Righteous 3 while they attempt to destroy some of the Kraken bio-ships that are at the edge of the Hive fleet in preparation for their final mission: to board and destroy the Hive Ship leading the Tyranid fleet against Avalos. Currently the team has split up and is defending the engine rooms, life-support, and the bridge of the indefatigable frigate from Tyranid boarders.

Matters look grim however, as Life-support has been rendered inoperable, and oxygen is running out for the regular crew of the ship, while something deadly is about to make its way to the bridge. . .

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