Mission Report II

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<metadesc>The Deathwatch RPG campaign run by Ross, the Doom of Jericho. Set in the wh40k universe.</metadesc> <keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> Adams version of what happened: -

Squad Terminus consisted of: -

  • Dark Angel Tech Marine
  • Dark Angel Librarian
  • Ultramarine Devestator (me), heavy flamer instead of heavy bolter
  • Blood Angel Apothecary
  • Space Wolf Assault Marine
  • Storm Warden Tactical Marine

We started in mid mission without any chance to requisition stuff so everyone had their standard load apart from my signature heavy flamer. We had just cleared a Genestealer infestation from an agri-world by the planet was decimated and blockaded by Tyranids. We had all hunkered down in the Governor's mansion ready to sell our lives as dearly as we could we we got news from an imperial fleet. They were fighting towards us and were preparing to extract us (good), but probably only us: not any of the rest of the population (neutral, no one liked the governor or his nobles anyway), and the only place we could be extracted from the the opposite side of the city which was under orbital bombardment and crawling with nasties (bad).

After some thought someone mentioned that we had three (unarmed, damn it!) Chimera and that they were amphibious, the city was on the coast and the mansion was at the top of a cliff with the pick up point being on the opposite side of the bay. Cue the coolness as we had our chimera jump off the cliff with the marines mag-locked to the roofs via their boots. We decided to take the Governor and some troops with us to make up the numbers and to prevent having to deal with them now if we declared they they were going to go down with the planet. We splashed down safely and started to travel across the bay. We were noticed by several flocks of Gargoyles but they were largely stopped by bolter volleys with any that got to close burnt to a crisp by my flamer, although the tactical marine took some damage. Then a few Genestealers and a warrior leapt from the water to engage us: once again they were dealt with fairly easily although the warrior dealt some damage and took a while to put down.

However, while we were repelling borders one of the chimera broke down and began to fall behind. This unfortunate vehicle had originally carried myself and the assault marine, but the assault marine had used his jet pack to aid one of the other chimera deal with the Genestealers leaving me alone. Another chimera with the Techmarine and Librarian aboard turned around to aid me but the driver managed to stall the engine.

The seas suddenly began to boil and dozens of Hormagauts leap from the water at the two stricken chimera. Before I could react I was completely covered in them and taken from full health to critically wounded in one blow. I recommended that the rest of the squad save themselves and leave me while calling down an artillery strike on my position from a Basilisk company that had recently contacted us. They ignored the suggestion and the assault marine flew over and dragged me to safety leaving the occupants of the chimera to die.

Meanwhile the Librarian used his powers to strike at the Hormagaunts attempting to overwhelm his vehicle while the Techmarine attempted to restart the stricken engine to the sound of claws trying to cut into the craft from below. The librarian succeeded at driving off most of the creatures on top of the vehicle, but those below broke into the craft sinking it and badly injuring the Tech priest. The Ttech priest, Librarian and Governor swam to safety and the squad regrouped at the surviving chimera as the artillery broke the remaining Hormagaunts.

We landed near the pick-up point and fortified it while we waited for our ride. Tyranids started to arrive in waves, the first few were repelled by our defences but most of our supporting troops and guns were quickly overwhelmed. The next wave was by far the largest and it quickly overcame our defences so we had to fight them directly. The librarian called on his powers to incinerate a flock of gargoyles but lost control angering the machine spirits of our weaponry causing them all to jam (ARRRRGHHH!!!!!! why do you have to push your powers all the time?). The Tyranids, unaffected by our planned initial barrage of fire now leapt upon us......

End of the first session.

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