Mission Report I

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<keywords content="deathwatch, mission reports, rpg, wh40k, adeptus astartes" /> Well, the glorious Death-watch Kill-Team Squad Terminus, trapped on the Agri-world of Avalos while the forces of Hive Fleet Dagon approach, ready to strip the world of all life, including the team.

Four days of waiting for help later and a vox message from Fleet Captain Arast Cobb arrives, informing the Kill-team that assistance has arrived, but for them to be picked up they must make it across several kilometres to the space-port, where there is space for the shuttle to pick them up.

Cunningly the kill-team decides to use their Chimera APCs to travel across the water to the space-port in the Portica district.

Alas for the kill-team mycetic spores crash into the water as they travel and hordes of chitinous aliens begin to swarm over their transports, which promptly start to break down.

Several of the Space Marines are caught by Tyranid horrors but make cunning use of a near-by basilisk artillery team to destroy the devious xenos, sacrificing two of the Chimeras and making their escape the old-fashioned way.

Finally the kill-team makes it to the city's Space-port only to find that the mycetic spore cloud has grown to the point that the shuttle will no longer be able to pick them up, but that several Valkyries have been dispatched to pick them up within half an hour, though alas the Tyranids will arrive long before then.

With this information the team prepares their defences using their remaining Chimera, a PDF platoon, and two Tarantula turrets, hoping to be able to hold off the alien threat long enough for rescue to arrive.

As the aliens swarm towards the platform (that the kill-team have occupied) from both ground and air, the distant sound of Valkyries can be heard, perhaps their rescue is close at hand?

Mission Report II