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The real powers behind the thrones of Lonaraban are the family heads of the Noble and Imperial Houses, the Matriarchs. The Matriarchs are female Gold Mandragora Nobles who have raised at least two generations of descendants and attained 400 years of age. They are the real driving force between the power struggles between the Noble Houses, and it is their votes and nominations that appoint Senators to the Shirr’haim and the ultimate positions of power.

They exemplify the classic character flaws that drive Lonaraban - being both greedy and territorial. Their Dragon ancestry has left its mark upon their society and status, position, and temporal power define a Mandragor. The Matriarchs are powerful and deadly opponents and control huge resources, from mines to farming outposts, and they are skilled in politics, diplomacy, and treachery. One Matriarch will not trust another Matriarch - especially those from the Imperial Houses. They are known to foster alliances between other Noble Houses and themselves, normally with a view to face some threat from elsewhere, but such co-operation rarely lasts.