Lost Province Quests

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A record of quests in progress and heroic deeds done by the PCs of the Lost Province campaign, and of outstanding rumours.

Current Quests

They Ate the Flesh of Men!

Source: Local hunters and trappers

Some trappers stumbled across a hunter out east – horribly wounded, half-starved, dying. He was ranting and raving – said his party had been tricked and killed and eaten by a house full of hidden demons, that he was the only one out of a dozen to escape alive. He died soon after – the trappers burned him on a pyre as best they could – but... man-eating demons, chills the blood just to hear, doesn't it?

Where: The trappers found the poor madman staggering through the woods to the east, but in his crazed state, who's to say where he wandered from? He was certainly in no condition to give clear directions.

Completion: Investigate the rumours of man-eating demons and deal with the situation as you see fit.

Reward: The rumours of man-eating demons are setting people on edge, and dealing with their source will reassure people of their safety and your skill, imparting a permanent +1 bonus to Loyalty and Stability.

It's Real, I Tell You!

Source: Tavern gossip among hunters and trappers in Crumbling Tower

Tap a keg around hunters, trappers, and nomads, and they'll quickly start sharing stories of the fantastical creatures they claim to have seen – and few are more fantastical than the so-called death worm. If the stories are to be believed, it has a poisonous bite, bleeds corrosive blood, spits lightning and acid, and secretes a protective layer of toxic slime. The horse-clan bravo sharing this particular story, however, insists that the death worm is as real a beast as his horse.

Where: The death worm, if it exists, is said to dwell in arid plain, hill, and desert regions.

Completion: Deliver the head of a death worm to Crumbling Tower.

Reward: Thoroughly impressed hunters and horse-brothers pool their coin in admiration of your efforts in finding and slaying this fantastical beast. The final pot stands at 2,000 gold pieces.

A Special Soju

Source: Stillmaster Song at the Monkey Punch Brewery and Distillery

Stillmaster Song is considered a master of the distilling arts and an expert on the history of all things intoxicant. Back in the years before the Succession Crisis, the Trade Province was known for the export of a spirit distilled from swamp sweetgrass. Song doesn't know the traditional recipe, but wants to try his hand at distilling a sweetgrass-infused soju. Get him some samples and he'll boil up a batch the Khanate can proudly put its name to!

Where: You might find small patches of swamp sweetgrass growing along riverbanks, but to harvest it in the quantities Song desires, you'll need to go looking for it in proper marshland.

Completion: Song reckons roughly a coomb (224. lb) of the sweetgrass should suffice for his experiments.

Reward: Exports of Song's sweetgrass soju put 1d4+2 Build Points in the Khanate's treasury, and the creation of a unique national drink imparts a permanent +1 bonus to Loyalty.

Tomb of the Manslayer

Source: Hyung-Tae the Younger, travelling scholar

Not all of the empires that rose, flourished, and then crumbled into obscurity during the Hundred Kingdoms were as human-dominated as those of the current era – or even friendly to humans. Catfolk once bloodily carved out their own kingdom in the lands that would later become the Lost Province, and their last ruler, the barbarian king Rhagda Khan, called the Manslayer, is said to be entombed there, somewhere.

Where: Rhagda Khan's tomb is believed to lie in a river valley somewhere in the north-eastern Lost Province.

Completion: Find the tomb of Rhagda Khan and return to Hyung-Tae the Younger with evidence and directions.

Reward: Hyung-Tae will pay the market rate for any items recovered from Rhagda Khan's tomb, plus 2,000 gold pieces for a map and directions to the tomb if it's made safe and not particularly vandalised – he understands that adventurers will break doors and traps and take items of obvious value, but asks that a scholarly respect be shown beyond this.

Completed Quests

The Beast: The PCs delivered the complete corpse of 'the Beast' (which turned out to be a megatherium - a giant ground sloth) to a taxidermist in Zhidon Crossing.

Big Neighbours, Bad News: The PCs slew most of the ogres; the few survivors fled west, towards the Thunderhead and away from the Khanate. Evidence discovered at the ogres' hovel, however, hints at a greater threat to the north...

Crimson Hawk Renegades: The PCs slew the renegade Zhou-Ko of the Blazing Steel and his lieutenants, but recruited the rank-and-file Crimson Hawk mercenaries - including Sergeant Qiao - into their kingdom. Zhou-Ko's head was delivered to Jo-Cham Tenghen, who subsequently joined the PCs' kingdom.

Lady Joo-Yun's Request: The PCs explored the area which Lady Joo-Yun's agent Even-Tongued Yeong had directed them to, and, finding no sign of the ruin their employer had asked them to look out for, reported this fact back to Yeong and collected their reward.

Lizard Tail Stew: The PCs killed two fat-tailed monitors and had their tails delivered to Chal Hwa in Zhidon Crossing.

The Lonely Tomb: The PCs discovered an extensive mausoleum beneath the isolated monument, where three sisters of the patrician Bai family - Kae-Rin, Eun-Soong, and Eu-Mi - were buried, and lingered on as ghosts.

River Drake Hunt: The PCs stumbled across a river drake's nest while the creature was absent, and looted its hoard. The beast returned, but was driven off. Some time later, they discovered a party of lizard men who'd brought down the drake, and with whom they bartered for its head.

Slavering Jaws: The PCs found the den of a hyaenodon quite far to the north and east of their capital of Crumbling Tower, and slew the beast.

The Tower on the Borderlands: The PCs found the tower inhabited by outlaws led by a surly and loudmouthed fellow. Clever Cog died in the ensuing battle, but the outlaws were all slain.

Wanted: Stink-Lizards: The PCs delivered six troglodyte heads to hunters in Zhidon Crossing as requested, though some months passed between the delivery of the first four and the final two.

Other Rumours

The Khanate's doing well, but there's always some doomsayer or other who's convinced it's only a matter of time before it fails, just as all the other attempts to reclaim the Lost Province did.

Folk brave enough to wander far to the east of the Khanate's borders occasionally mention seeing parties of riders in unfamiliar colours – not the Khanate, not the Empire, not Malkapur.