Kellen Brightholme

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Kellen is a half-elf and a a lifelong resident of Gate Pass. Spending much of his time on the streets of the city and running with street gangs he heard many tales of the heroes who had resisted when the Ragesians occupied the city. As he grew older he would often sit in the various taverns of Gate Pass hearing more tales from the veterans of the resistance themselves, and sometimes convincing them to show him a few bits of swordplay.

Eventually Kellen went from listening to these tales to re-telling them to others. It may be that some of the tales became exaggerated and perhaps the Ragesians were that little bit more callous and monstrous in Kellen's version, but nevertheless they seemed to go down well with the crowds in the taverns. Perhaps some trace of the potent magic his elven mother had wielded flowed through his blood, whatever the reason Kellen could captivate an audience with the timbre of his voice. Using these skills to his advantage Kellen managed to become a part of the Gate Pass resistance and one of its most enthusiastic propagandists.

His views on geopolitics have been somewhat twisted by his upbringing and he holds a bitter resentment towards both the Shahalesti and the Ragesians, fostered further by his association with the resistance. This has only been exacerbated since his prejudices have been so strongly confirmed since the passing of Drakus Coaltongue, now both the Shining Land and the Ragesian Empire really do seem poised to move on Gate Pass. The threat posed by the Ragesians is even more personal since the small magical ability he has inherited will doubtless be more than enough to mark him out for the Inquisition's attentions.